7 iOS Tips and Tricks You Probably Don’t Know About

Do you want to learn cool new tricks to get the most out of your iDevices?

I know I do, and am sure you do too.  This is why I have compiled a list of nifty tips and tricks that will allow you to get the most out of your gadgets.

So whether you are an iOS guru or more of a newbie, we all will gain some benefit from the tips listed below. After all, why not learn everything there is to know about the devices we spend the most time with.

  • Get Siri speaking to you 1 of 7

    We are all busy and sending messages and even typing a to do list seems to take more time than we have. But did you know you can enable a feature on your smartphone that will make Siri say what you want her to?

    To enable the feature open Settings>General>Accessibility>Speak Selection and turn it on. While there you can even adjust the speed and choose a dialect in which she speaks back to you and the type of dialect as well.

    Once you type in the text you can highlight and on the right-hand side click on speak and hear Siri say what you wrote.


  • Set up Emoji keyboard. 2 of 7

    This one is new to me. I had no idea those cute symbols were available right on the device.

    Here is how to enable the feature: Settings>General>International>Keyboards>Add New Keyboard, find Emoji and you're done!

    Use it the next time you are using an app you can type text on. Just tap the globe located next to the spacebar to open the many tabs Emoji contains.

  • Take panoramic pictures backwards 3 of 7

    Did you know you are able to take photos from right to left and left to right?

    To use this feature tap on Camera>Options>Panorama then tap the arrow to reverse panorama.

  • Get directions ‘via transit’ 4 of 7

    Want to use something else other than Apple Maps when asking Siri for directions?

    If you want to use another navigation app, simply add the phrase 'via transit' to your query.

    For example: I live in NYC and would say, "Give me directions to NYC via transit". She will then pull up a list of apps (including the ones you already own) that can help you with your directions. 

  • Limit ad tracking 5 of 7

    Want to restrict marketers access to your info?

    Go to Settings>General>About, then all the way at the bottom tap on Advertising.

    You will be faced with two options 1. Limit Ad Tracking which you can turn off and 2. Reset Advertising Identifier (this resets whatever has been identified as an interest of yours by advertisers)

  • Add an attachment to your emails 6 of 7

    Inserting an attachment to your email just got easier. When composing an email, simply tap and hold the empty content area. You will be provided with a set of options that will pop up with an arrow on the right side. Tap the arrow and you will have the option to either to Insert Photo or Video or Quote level (by choosing this it will provide you with the option to either increase or decrease the email quote level).

    If you are wondering about PDF attachments, this can only be done via programs that can open those types of files like iBooks, Dropbox and iPDF.

  • Set Restrictions 7 of 7

    Want to restrict who does what to your phone?

    Head over to Settings>General>Restrictions (which will prompt you to enter a password) to lock down features on your device you do not want accessed by your kids (who can get into the habit of deleting things they should not) such as the iTunes store, Safari, FaceTime and much more.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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