7 iPad Apps For Comic Book Lovers

If you are a comic book reader or geek or know someone that is and are looking to go digital, I suggest taking a look at some of these iPad apps that will provide fans with a fully incorporated experience.

Why go digital? 

Many go digital with their comic book collections simply because they can take them wherever their go without worrying about ruining their pristine book. It is cool to know many out of print issues have been reprinted on a digital format, it’s much cheaper and finally, the reading experience is unlike anything else.

Where can you get digital comic books?

With digital being all the buzz it is fairly easy nowadays to get your favorite comics online. What’s even better is that you have a nice variety of apps to fill the need of every type of comic book reader.

  • Comics by ComiXology 1 of 7

    Comics by comiXology is a one-stop shop for all comic books.  They offer a library of over 30,000 titles from almost every major titles with the exception of a few. What's great about this app is with your free comiXology account, you can easily sync all your purchases across devices.

    Download the free app here 

  • Comic Zeal 2 of 7

    This app takes advantage of the iPad's Retina display, making the images look absolutely amazing. It also allows you to import popular comic formats as well as the ability to read scanned-in versions, buy large digital collections, or download from various comic book sites. 

    Price - $4.99 - for more info, click here

  • ComicBook! 3 of 7

    At $1.99, ComicBook! allows you to create your very own comic book using your own images and their wide range of captions, layouts and image filters.  Become the hero in your own story with this super cool, rather snazzy app. 


  • Marvel Unlimited 4 of 7

    The name says it all. Marvel Unlimited is a subscription service which allows you to get up to 13,000 issues of comics from the likes of  Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, The Avengers, X-Men, among others right to your iPad.

    Just a quick note, you will need to sign up via as you are unable to subscribe via the app. 

    Download the free app here.

  • YACReader 5 of 7

    If you are a digital comic book enthusiast then this app is for you.  At just $1.99, this app is definitely worth the purchase especially if you are looking for a simple way to read and mange your comics. 

    From importing comics to your iDevices to using your Dropbox sync to organizing your comic book library with ease, this app seems to be by far one of the easiest to navigate through to get what you need.

    For more info, click here

  • ComicRack 6 of 7

    The most expensive app on the lot, at $7.99, ComicRack has an attractive interface and a slew of qualities that may make the price well worth it for some.

    Specifically enhanced for your iPad, this app provides; WiFi sync with ComicRack for Windows or iTunes, manages your entire library utilizing lists and searches, opens comics directly from other apps, automatically sorts and groups your comics by series, stories, writers etc. and automatically crops pages to optimized its display on your iPad, among other features. 

    For more on this app, click here

  • iBooks 7 of 7

    Clean, pristine and free. What more can you ask from Apple's e bookstore.  The app supports comic books and allows you to customize your reading experience. Keep in mind, the selection of comics on iBooks is limited to the more popular titles from major publishers such as DC and Marvel. 

    A huge plus is the ability to go from one iDevice to another and pick up where you left off and the sleek interface style with its page flips and creases.

    Want to learn more? Download the free app here

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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