7 Meditation Apps To Help You Find Inner Peace in 2014

Looking to be a calmer, more mindful, focused person in 2014?

I know I am definitely looking for ways to relax and clear my mind in the New Year.  And as much as I would like to be able to say that I will take the time out of my schedule and dedicate it solely to mediation, the reality is that I need to use daily tools to aid in my serenity.

The apps that I have found offer a variety of ways to unwind and be one with myself by offering guided mediation, regardless if you are a novice or at an advanced level, to keep your sanity on track.


  • Calm – Meditation and Relaxation – FREE 1 of 7

    Reduce stress and improve your mood with the Calm app.  The app provides you The 7 Steps of Calm you need to becoming a more relaxed, focused and creative you.

  • The Mindfulness App – $1.99 2 of 7

    Find balance in your stressful life with the Mindfulness App. This tool helps you become more of aware of your life by alerting you during those times when you need to take a step back and count to 10.  

  • Buddhify – $2.99 3 of 7

    Buddhify is known as the "urban meditation app for modern life".  A simple designed app to increase your well-being by training your mind wherever you are.


  • Mind – FREE 4 of 7

    Mind is a simple mediation time that allows you to set how much time you want to dedicate to focus.


  • Relax & Rest Guided Meditations – $0.99 5 of 7

    Take the time to enjoy stress relief and deep relaxation with the Relax & Rest Guided Meditations App. Customize your experience by choosing the soothing sounds, guided voice and length of your session.

  • Mindfulness Meditation – $1.99 6 of 7

    Mindfulness Meditation is a best-selling app by Stephan Bodian, psychotherapist and author of Meditation For Dummies.  This app features guided mediation filled with inspirational chats and body relaxation techniques. 


  • Smiling Mind – FREE 7 of 7

    Looking to begin your mediation journey? You may want to consider starting with the Smiling Mind app.  The app was developed by a team of psychologists who wanted to assist in improving the lives of young people. 




Article Posted 3 years Ago

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