7 Must Have Money Saving Apps For Christmas Shopping

Christmas season is here and with holiday shopping in full swing – who doesn’t want to save some money? No matter how much we scale back at Christmas, the gift budget just never seems to work out.

My sister and I shopped Black Friday and scored some mega deals, but with as large of family as my husband and I have, we still have some shopping to do. We wouldn’t be able to give as much if we weren’t so budget conscious, and one of the ways we stay that way is by being in the know of how to find the cheapest price on an item, whether it be price matching or using a coupon.

Gone are the days of having to use newspapers — nowadays finding the best deals can be done from your smart phone.

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    Who doesn't love saving money, especially around the holidays!  Here are 7 money savings apps that are must-have downloads for shopping season.

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    I hate loyalty cards, mostly because I have 4 kids and don't want anything else to keep up with. If you don't use loyalty cards at several stores, you don't get the sale price. Sure, several of these stores will ask to look you up by your phone number, but do you know how many times that still leads to them never finding me and either I have to fill out another form *stab* or I just give up, pay full price, and walk away a disgruntled customer. With the CardStar app, no more worrying about the loyalty card mess, as you just load them on to the app! Show the employee your phone, they will scan it, and SHAZAM! Money-saved and no headache or fuss about carrying around yet another card!

    Download CardStar App

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    Groupon is to Living Social. Both have apps that I keep on my phone since both offer such great deals. Last year we bought basketball tickets for my father-in-law off the Groupon app. Full price, we would have not been able to buy them, but thanks to the Groupon app - we are in the know while on the go.

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    Daily deals are all the rage and Living Social is one of my go-to apps for them. Especially when it comes to Christmas gift shopping, I love when I can buy $50 of merchandise for $25. And bonus, if I don't use the $50 before it expires - I still can use the $25 towards any purchase. Keep this in mind - I have a bad habit of forgetting about coupons but good to know my money isn't totally wasted!

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    eBates is a cool concept with an app! Shop and get a percentage of your purchases back, and that's not even the best part. eBates also gives you the best coupon codes to use on the sites (yes, money back - on top of coupons.) Spend your first $25 and they will send you a $10 gift card from your choice of places (I chose Target). Use my link, and refer your friends for even more money saving (and money back) options.

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    Just visit stores with the Shop Kick app and earn "kicks" (think of them like points). The more kicks you earn, the more you can buy. You can turn in these kicks for gift cards at your favorite stores like Best Buy and Target. I have a few friends who live by this app and have earned numerous gift cards.  Since you are out and about shopping, might as well earn some free gift cards, right?

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    Red Laser fascinates me. Load up this free app, scan a bar code and BOOM - find out how much the item is at various stores. We used this app on Black Friday to find out if deals were actually worth scooping up or not. My sister was debating on buying a sewing machine. We pulled up the app and the average price we found was $400 and it was priced for $185. Needless to say, this app will make you a savvy shopper and save you some money!

    Download Red Laser App


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    Whether you are looking for sales online or off, Retail Me Not has you covered. Before I make a purchase online, I generally check Retail Me Not for coupon codes. This site (and app) has saved me hundreds of dollars over the years!

    Download Retail Me Not App


What Are Your Favorite Money Saving Apps?

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