7 Smart Reasons to Consider Using Firefox For Back To School

The type of Internet experience you have depends on the browser you choose to use. Although the Internet is a stand-alone tool, the type of browser you use decides on how quick, safe, and easy your overall experience will be.

A Web browser is essentially a window into the World Wide Web. Firefox, the number two Web browser, behind Internet Explorer, has made it their mission to be a fun, friendly browser without limitations.

If you are already a Firefox user, you may have noticed some recent changes made to the Web browser. With a revamped logo and updated features, Firefox has become that much more powerful and robust for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Coincidentally, these changes have gone into effect just in time for kids heading back into the classroom, many with new computers and tablets. With these recent changes, Mozilla Firefox is ensuring even their youngest users will make the most of the Web for back to school and beyond.

Below are seven ways Firefox can be used as a tool for back to school and throughout the entire year.

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  • Personalization 2 of 8

    Who doesn't like to browse the Web their own way? Personalize your browser, your way. Firefox themes allows you to transform the look of your browser to suit your style.  

  • Communicate easier 3 of 8

    Staying connected to work on projects or to simply chat just got easier with Messenger for Firefox.  Integrate your social network right to your browser with this add-on. 

  • Stay in sync 4 of 8

    Staying productive, no matter where you are just got easier. Firefox Sync now syncs your desktop and mobile Firefox with ease.  It provides you with the ability to transition from a classroom or office to your home without skipping a beat. Everything you need will be at your fingertips, from a password manager, to bookmarks, and open tabs across tablets, Android phones, and computers.

  • Constant reminder 5 of 8

    Remember important dates, and set up reminders with easy to use lists and alerts using ReminderFox.  The browser add-on keeps your daily tasks in check, and can easily teach kids to keep track of and manage their deadlines efficiently, all while browsing. 


  • Staying safe 6 of 8

    Protect yourself and your family with Firefox's advanced security features. Dig deeper into a site's legitimacy, protect your browsing history, set parental controls, and opt-out of having sites track your online behavior.  


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  • Security features 7 of 8

    It is important to protect ourselves from spyware and have a secure connection when installing add-ons and other 3rd party software.  Firefox protects you in the event that you accidentally access a site that is not safe, by providing a warning on why the site is not safe to browse.  


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  • Simplify your search 8 of 8

    We have all had those moments when we want to go to a specific website but don't remember the URL.  No worries, with Awesome Bar all you need to do is type in the term into the location bar and the auto complete function will provide you with possible matches from your browsing history, bookmarked sites, and open tabs. 


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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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