7 Reasons Why SmugMug is Great for Storing Your Pictures

Photographers protect 2 things above all — their gear and their images. As far as protecting the gear goes;  there are padded bags, waterproof sleeves, and insurance. But when it comes to images we can’t say the same.

Yes, you can save them on your internal hard drive, an external hard drive, or even on a service like CrashPlan. But although these options are good, some photographers need more protection. That’s where SmugMug comes in. It’s not only a permanent vault for your images, but provides incredible services such as a customizable website, gorgeous full-screen galleries, and unlimited photo uploads.

Below are the reasons why you should consider storing your pictures on SmugMug:


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    SmugMug intro

    SmugMug, launched in 2002, is a paid photo sharing site that allows its users to upload HD pics and videos to the site. The site was created for both novice and professional photographers.

  • Your very own digital library 2 of 8

    Create your own safe haven for your online photo library.  With SmugMug, you can showcase your memories by simply choosing a theme, and adding your videos and photos. They make it that easy. 

    Learn more about creating a 'home for your photos' here

  • Chic themes 3 of 8

    Whether you're a professional photographer or someone who just wants a secure place to store your photos, SmugMug gives you the freedom to create your very own unique experience that works for you.

    Take a look at their design options here

  • Advanced privacy controls 4 of 8

    SmugMug respects your privacy. They have made it their mission to keep your pictures protected, using the most advanced privacy controls in the industry.

    See their security features here

  • No fuss sharing 5 of 8

    Decide who sees your pictures and videos. With their advanced security features, you choose who sees what. 

  • Get creative 6 of 8

    Put your favorite memories on personal gifts. From Photo Books to Photo Cards to Keepsake Boxes to Postcards, SmugMug has you covered. 

    See the many ways to capture your favorite photos here

  • Lots of options 7 of 8

    Showcase your images any which way you want, with gallery options of all shapes and styles. 

    View gallery options here

  • Store video here too 8 of 8

    Store and share your 1080 HD hi-res video anytime, and from anywhere. Share on-the-go with SmugMug's camera app, and sync with your favorite social platform. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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