7 Tools For Organizing Holiday Receipts

Let’s face, a great deal of the stuff consumers bought as a result of the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping sprees is going to be returned — They don’t call it “buyer’s remorse” for nothing. As a result, brick and mortar stores as well as digital shops will extend the traditional 14-day return policy just to accommodate those less-than-desirable gifts that will be exchanged in the coming weeks.

Additionally, some of the ways stores entice people to buy way more than what they intentionally planned is by offering mail-in rebates. I don’t know the actual numbers, but I’m sure a great deal of money is left on the table by consumers who forget to cash in on those rebates.

Whether it’s a receipt, a rebate, or an extended warranty that the slick sales associate convinced you to add, it’s probably a good idea to keep track of those documents just in case. Here are 7 tools that will help you organize and manage your holiday receipts.

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    Buyer's remorse is real during the holiday shopping season. Here are 7 tools to keep your holiday shopping receipts and other documents organized.

  • Google Keep App | Quick and easy document saving 2 of 8
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    Cramming receipts in your purse, bag, or pocket hasn't worked in the past. Of all the mobile notes apps I've used, Google Keep for Android is the simplest, quickest way to save a note, or in this case, snap an image of a receipt or document on the go. Once you've quickly taken a picture of your receipts, Keep works with the Google Drive cloud storage service so you can retrieve your notes on your computer for further organization once you've recouped from shopping.

  • Evernote Reminder | Set reminders for rebate expiration 3 of 8
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    I've written extensively about the powers of Evernote. If the "remember everything" service is your weapon of choice to save and organize all of your holiday documents, a cool way to redeem those rebate dollars before they expire is to add an Evernote reminder to each receipt note with instructions on when the rebate expires and exactly how to redeem the rebate.

  • Slice | Track all online spending information 4 of 8
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    Even if you consider yourself a online shopping ninja, you can still get overwhelmed by trying to search through all those order invoices, shipping confirmations, and "please subscribe to our mailing list" notifications when you need to dig through your email to find a receipt for an item you purchased online. Slice is the do it all online shopping tool that lets you not only better store and manage online shopping receipts and track package shipping, but can also alert you if an item bought online is eligible for a price adjustment, or worse — was recalled.

  • ReceiptMatch by American Express | Attach receipts directly to credit card purchases 5 of 8
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    There can be a positive to making all your holiday shopping purchases using credit cards — the rewards points. In addition to racking up points, if you use an American Express to force debt repayment every month, you can use the ReceiptMatch app from Amex to attach your shopping receipts directly to credit card purchases to have all purchase information in one place.

  • Shoeboxed | Just receipts/documents 6 of 8
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    There are a multitude of services that do a multitude of things. The Shoeboxed service made a name for itself by simply making it easy to save and store receipts for expense report uses. Nothing is stopping you from using it to not only save and store holiday receipts via mobile app, email, browser clips, or computer uploads, but to also create spreadsheets that can be exported to .PDF or uploaded to all the popular financial software/sites for greater shopping budget management.

  • IFTTT | Automate document storage 7 of 8
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    IFTTT (If This, Then, That) is a cool little service that can automate your most routine digital actions. In this case, if you find yourself repeatedly finding and downloading email receipts to your computer, just to upload them to another service, you can use IFTTT to create a "recipe" that automagically saves email receipts to Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other storage service for managing later.

  • Neat Receipt Scanner | Bulk physical receipt scanning 8 of 8
    Holiday Receipts - Neat Desktop Receipt Scanner via

    After a long day(s) of shopping, staring at all those receipts stacked high on your desk can be intimidating. Individually scanning each receipt/document with your traditional all-in-one printer, or even worse — taking pictures with your smartphone camera is not going to happen. The Neat Receipt Scanner can make quick work of scanning all those documents and sending them to your computer, or to your favorite online/cloud storage service for further organization.

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