7 Travel Accessories To Help You Stay Connected and Charged

Our mobile devices are the center of our universe. I personally can’t think of two worse things to happen when I travel than for my smartphone, tablet, or laptop to not have a connection to the outside world, or for my devices to lose power when I need them most.

I’m positive I’m not the only one with this phobia. Case in point: all the different gadgets available that enable us to continue using our mobile devices throughout the day without worrying about losing sight of a wall outlet. So to help you avoid mobile device breakdown when you’re out and about, here are 7 travel accessories that will keep your devices connected and charged.

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    To help you avoid mobile device breakdown when you're out and about, here are 7 travel accessories that will keep your devices connected and charged.
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    There's nothing worse than a hotel boasting about its free Wifi, only to find out the signal stinks in your room. If your hotel also has a physical internet outlet, you can easily connect it to a travel wifi router like the ZyXEL MWR102 for $26 to create your own in-room wifi. Not only do you get a strong signal, you are also safe from possibly getting a virus, or giving someone else access to your personal or sensitive data if it's a business trip.
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    If you're traveling with your high-tech family, and all their devices need access to the web, a solid "ace in the hole" would be a mobile hotspot (sometimes called a Mifi device). The touchscreen AT&T Liberate for $50 (contract required) offers 4G LTE speeds for up to 10 devices. An added bonus to using a Mifi device is everybody can share one data plan, versus separate (and potentially costly) plans. Also, when it's time for some family fun time, shutting down access across the board is as simple as pressing a button.
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    Travel Accessories - My Charge Jolt 2000D via
    If your smartphone is your livelihood, then you want to make sure it can last the entire day if you know your travels will take you everywhere but near a wall outlet. The MyCharge Jolt 2000D for $70 can fit in your pocket or attach to your suitcase, backpack, or humongous purse, and provides multiple quick charges for up to two mobile (company and personal) devices when you need it.
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    Travel Accessories - Tylt iPhone 5 Energie Case via
    If you don't want to carry around your phone and your extended battery, but know you need a case to protect your phone (because you're clumsy), a good option would be a smartphone case that doubles as an extended battery. The TYLT Energi Sliding Power Case for the iPhone 5 for $99 is an attractive (but protective) stand-alone case, that can also morph with a rechargeable battery to form one case/battery unit with your smartphone.
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    Travel Accessories - Mophie Juicepack Powerstation Duo via
    If you or your family pack multiple mobile devices when you travel, you may need something beefier to keep your devices charged up. Portable extended batteries like the Mophie Juicepack Powerstation Duo for $99 can charge a myriad of mobile devices including (but not limited to): smartphones, tablets, small cameras, Mifi devices, Bluetooth earbuds, and keyboards, etc. If it needs power, the Powerstation Duo can keep it going throughout the day.
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    Travel Accessories - Powerbag Instant Messenger via
    Since you like to pack multiple mobile devices, you probably have a bag to keep all your gadgets (and their accessories) in order. Why not have said bag double as a charger while it carries your devices? The PowerBag Instant Messenger for $75 can charge many small mobile devices, while keeping them protected. The Instant Messenger also is "airport ready" and has a flip out compartment to store your  laptop, so you don't have to completely remove it when you're rushing through security to make your flight.
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    Travel Accessories - TwelveSouth PlugBug Power Adapter via
    Nothing gets on my nerves more than if I do need and successfully find a wall outlet in the airport, for some guy and all his devices to be hogging up the entire outlet - Don't be that guy (or gal). The TwelveSouth PlugBug for $35 attaches to your standard Macbook power adapter to offer an additional USB charger for an iPhone or iPad, while keeping the other outlet free for somebody else to use.

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