12 Super Annoying (and Not at All Endearing) Tech Peeves

tech peevesWe can’t escape technology. We live it. We breathe it. It’s everywhere. A new day doesn’t occur without a state-of-the-art thing for us to grab are attention and get us addicted to. While technology and social media are changing how we live, what we do, and how we interact it’s also doing something else. It’s creating a whole new set of annoyances.

Here are 12 super annoying tech peeves we’ve grown accustomed to: 

1. Using Cell Phones at Red Lights

I find myself guilty of this, and know I annoy people — and know how annoyed I am with people who do this. You are at a red light, it turns green — except the person in front of you is too busy paying attention to their phone to GO. Okay, we get you are not texting and driving, but it’s annoying none the less.

2. Facebook Tag

You are at a party, had a few too many drinks, one of your good ole’ “friends” snaps a group photo, and, of course, tags you. This is exactly why I make sure that auto-tagging is off. Gotta love drunken tagged Facebook photos! Not.

3. Annoying Ringtones

A hit song comes out that creates an ear worm, and next thing you know it’s a RINGTONE!

4. iPad Cameras

The iPad has a camera, so you might as well use it as a camera, right? No. Do you know how annoying it is to sit behind someone at a conference or seminar with an iPad trying to take a photo. I was once at a concert, and there was a huge iPad hovering above the crowd trying to take a photo. Come on,  people can’t really see behind your giant screen, and frankly, it’s just super annoying.

5. Bluetoothing at the Grocery Store

I have a large family that requires multiple trips to the grocery store. During my visits, I often encounter the multi-tasker who thinks they can talk and shop. I can’t tell you how many times that I am looking for an item and SWEAR that someone is talking to me, only to quickly realize the person is on a bluetooth headset talking on the phone.

6. Paying More Attention to Phones than People

You are at a dinner with an old friend and you can’t wait to catch up in IRL,  but apparently they are more interested in catching up with whatever their phone brings. Sounds familiar? If your kids would rather pay attention to their phones at the dinner table, over family conversation — try the phone stacking game. Honestly, we might need to start doing this at adult dinners, too.

7. Facebook Game Requests

Facebook game requests

You sign up to play a game on Facebook and before you know it your Facebook notification feed is FULL of game requests for more lives, virtual goods, and so on. ANNOYING!

8. Group Texts

What starts out as a text announcement to a group of friends, becomes a non-stop *ding* fest as various people join in on the conversation, and then continue side conversations while still in group mode.

9. Online Raging

From a friendship gone wrong to airing grievances about a company, the internet and social media has become the place to take one’s anger out. Every once in a while it is tolerable, but all the time? Super frustrating!

10. Unwanted Throw Back Thursday Photos

Throw back Thursday or #TBT is when old photos are posted online. It’s fun seeing friends photos from when they were little, but sucks when your mom starts posting photos of your ugly duckling years that you’ve spent way too much time trying to forget.

11. Spoiler Alert

You DVR your favorite TV show to watch it without commercials and/or distraction. Then, you make the mistake of looking on Facebook or Twitter and WHAM… spoiler alert!

websites in comic sans

12. Comic Sans

Comic Sans is JUST as annoying online as it is offline. Check out this hilarious Tumbler dedicated to Websites in Comic Sans.

What tech peeves annoy you most? 

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