7 Ways to Make Santa Come Alive for Your Kids

The magic of the holiday season is made more fun by the wealth of websites and apps that make Santa come alive for kids. Keep kids believing in the man in the red suit awhile longer by creating personalized videos, fake calls, tracking Santa on Christmas Eve, and leaving a personalized DVD stuffed in the stockings on Christmas morning. With so many free ways to send messages from Santa, even the most skeptical of believers might be convinced that they’re really being watched by Santa and his elves! Between now and Christmas, do any of the following to help Santa come alive for your children.

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    Between now and Christmas, choose from a wealth of free sites and apps that help Santa come alive for your children!

  • Call Santa through Google Voice 2 of 9

    This year Santa has really upped his tech game thanks to Google! He started out with a Google Voice number for personal calls that were fun for parents to create for their kids and even for fellow adults, and this year you can call him right from Gmail! Call Santa's Google Voice number at 855-34-SANTA, and even though he won't be able to return messages himself, he'll to keep you up to date on happenings in the North Pole day-by-day. 

    Image courtesy of Google

  • Fake a call from Santa 3 of 9

    Even though the app is designed to encourage good behavior at the holidays, every kid would relish a surprise call from Santa through the free Fake Call from Santa app for iOS.

    Image courtesy of Terrell Rohm of Fake Call from Santa

  • Send their Christmas wish list to the North Pole 4 of 9

    Kids who end up working on their wish lists up until the last minute can rest easy that they'll get to Santa thanks to North Pole PIXMA, an app available through Canon's Facebook page that allows them to send wishes directly to Santa's workshop and watch a video as the wishes print directly at the North Pole. Who knew Santa was so tech savvy to receive wish lists in his workshop!

    Image courtesy of Canon

  • Create a personalized video message 5 of 9

    Santa obsessed children will love having a personalized video message made for them that they can watch over and over again thanks to Portable North Pole. Click through the options to create your own video and upload a photo of your child in mere minutes. It will melt your heart to watch your child as they're glued to the screen as Santa delivers their special message. There are also options to create videos for grownups!

    Image courtesy of Portable North Pole and Emily Vanek of who let us grab a screenshot of her son's personalized video message

  • Have a letter sent from Santa 6 of 9

    Everyone loves mail but even more when it comes from Santa! Get a personalized letter from Santa delivered directly to your mailbox thanks to Sealed by Santa!

    Image courtesy of Sealed by Santa

  • Order a personalized DVD for Christmas morning 7 of 9

    In just a few minutes you can create a personalized story from Santa for your children by typing in their name, interests, any pets, and favorite activities in school on the Your Santa Story website. The DVD arrives at your home in a plain package to not tip off any young skeptics, and can be tucked away until Christmas eve when you leave it for them to find with their stockings. Just be sure to reserve one special gift from Santa since they'll be directed to find it in a place of your choosing in your home that makes the DVD even more convincing!

    Image courtesy of Your Santa Story

  • Hop in bed before Santa comes 8 of 9

    The day before Christmas we always love knowing where Santa has been and where he's heading through NORAD's Santa Tracker so we can be sure to get to bed as he approaches North America. With an interactive map and fun videos detailing some facts about the places where Santa has been, tracking his trek around the globe also becomes a great geography lesson!

    Image courtesy of NORAD Santa Tracker 

  • Learn the Christmas lingo 9 of 9

    This last one is perfect for children who are learning English this holiday season. Pili Pop Christmas helps kids learn their first English words while helping Santa prepare the Christmas presents! Designed for ages 4 to 10, the app is free for the holidays, and features 80 English words (including Christmas vocabulary) and fun games, like an advent calendar for a word-a-day. Kids will also love wrapping up presents with the elves and helping Santa deliver them, using the speech recognition feature for interactive learning!

    Image courtesy of Swasa

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