7 Websites to Create Your Own Infographics

Infographics are great attention grabbers. I don’t know about you, but for me – I am a visual learner. Infographics can tell a story with minimal words, and help those of us who learn by sight better understand the information you are trying to communicate. That’s all fine and dandy, but how do you create an infographic if you aren’t graphic savvy? There’s a website for that! Actually there are several.

If you want to create your own infographic, and start telling people a story with data, check out these 7 websites that let you create your own infographics.

  • Make Your Own Infographics 1 of 8

    Create visual images with your data using these websites. Expressing data though imagery grabs peoples' attention and now you can make these infographics yourself!

  • Google Charts 2 of 8

    Google Charts provides a simple, but powerful way to create interactive charts and data tools.

    Tip: You can get some hard core data graph action using Google Charts!

     Visit Google Charts

  • Charts Bin 3 of 8

    Create your own interactive map for FREE with ChartsBin. 

    Mom tip: This looks like one of those sites you will want to bookmark for a future kid homework project!

    Visit ChartsBin

  • Creately 4 of 8

    Creately lets you create concepts, flowcharts, diagrams, and up to 5 infographics for free!

    Tip: Creately is so easy your mom can make infographics with it!


  • Piktochart 5 of 8

    Great templates and easy-to-use interface makes Piktochart one of my favorite DIY infographic websites. While Piktochart does offer a pro account that costs, it's not a requirement!

    Tip: If you are wanting a clean, trendy infographic look, Piktochart is your go to site!


  • 6 of 8

    Tired of a boring resume? allows you to link your Linked In profile to your account and create a infographic out of your Linked In profile!

    Tip: If you are looking for a new job and want to wow a potential employer, personal infographics are a neat addition (or alternative) to the typical resume.


  • What About Me? 7 of 8

    What About Me? lets you create an infographic of our digital life.  Link up your social media profiles and What About Me? will create a graphic displaying your social media behaviors.

    Tip: Intel's What About Me would be a fun addition to an about me page on a blog, or possibly a press page.


  • Wordle 8 of 8

    Wordle is a fun, free website that lets you plug in either a URL or several words and create a word graphic - a.k.a. a wordle.

    Tip: A fun way to use Wordle is for a blog post graphic. If you are having a hard time finding an image for a blog post, copy in some of the text and let Wordle create a graphic for you.


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