8 Bad Tech Habits to End Today

I would find it hard to believe, in this day, that there’s anyone who can honestly say they have no bad tech habits.

Let’s be honest, we’re living in a time where technology pretty much rules our lives.  Where the swipe of a screen links us to endless amounts of data at any given time.

Where our obsession with always being tied to the virtual world has affected how we live our lives in the real world. And where this constant connectivity has resulted in many of us using some unconventional ways to stay connected.

What are those unconventional ways? Find out if you are guilty of any of them, and see how you can make a change.

  • Tech Habits to Change Now 1 of 9

    If you are guilty of any of these habits, it may be time to make a change.

  • Texting and driving 2 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Operating a four-ton vehicle and getting distracted by a phone call or text message is just asking for all sorts of trouble.  From small fender benders to a terrible tragedy, nothing is worth putting yourself, loved ones, or anyone's life in danger. Whatever it is, can most definitely wait.


    How you can fix it: Simply don't text while driving! This one should be non-negotiable.  If you're feeling tempted, use a headset while making a phone call. Need directions? Either purchase a portable GPS or pull over and get the info you need, then get back on the road. 


  • Taking racy pictures of yourself 3 of 9

    Why this is a problem: As parents, we need to err on the side of caution and think before posting any racy, sexy pics. Why? Think about it, is that want you want your kids to see when they are old enough to Google you?


    How you can fix it: If you are having fun at home, that's great, but don't post it on social networks for the entire Internet to see. 


  • Not cutting the mobile cord 4 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Kids are very perceptive.  And although they may not listen to everything we say, you better believe they see everything we do. They see how overly attached we are with our devices, and how detached we seem to be about 'real life.'


    How you can fix it: Unplug when you need to — like at the dinner table, during your kid's school activities, while on vacation, etc. If you disconnect for a couple of hours or a week the world will not come to an end. I promise.


  • Sharing pictures online instead of spending time with friends 5 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Maybe it's me, but always being connected and letting the Internet know what you're doing while out with others kinda takes away from the moment. Call me old school, but I like living in the moment and not having it interrupted every few minutes because someone at the table picks up their phone to respond to an update message. 


    How you can fix it: Get involved in a conversation that interests you with one of your friends! Not every single detail of our lives has to be on the Internet. Savor the moment and take it in.

  • Allowing the world to read how angry you can really get 6 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Being emotional and allowing your anger to ooze online spells absolute disaster. Disaster for you, because once you put things online they will live there for infinity. And once the dust settles, you will more than likely regret how you 1. behaved and 2. responded. 


    How you can fix it: Tantrums and outbursts are better left to toddlers. Step away from your smartphone, be an adult, and confront the person on a one-to-one level. 

  • Using your phone in the bathroom 7 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Aside from folks on the other end of the phone not wanting to hear the sound of a flushing toilet, it is just plain unsanitary. Plus, while pulling your pants down or up, your phone can slip out of your back pocket and accidentally fall into the bowl. Which NO ONE wants!


    How you can fix it: Keep your phone away from the bathroom, and enjoy some quiet moments. Keep a soothing candle lit in the bathroom when you are home. Think of it as your quiet, relaxing place.


  • Being consumed by social media 8 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Looking at social media to validate how awesome your life is defeats the purpose of you living your life for you. 


    How you can fix it: Enjoy sharing images on Instagram and other platforms just because you want to, not because you feel you need to show off or prove anything to anyone.


  • Walking and texting 9 of 9

    Why this is a problem: Bad things happen to those who don't pay attention. Case in point, these three women thought it was more important to text or update their social networks.  One woman in Australia who walked off the pier, another one walked into a fountain at the mall and the last one fell off a cliff in Alaska.


    How you can fix it: The moral of the story here is to pay attention to your surroundings.  You do not want to end up getting hurt, hurting someone else, or being the next laughing stock of the Internet.  




If you’ve ever heard or used (or even thought of!) any of these excuses, you’re not alone.  Let me know which one is your worst vice!



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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