8 Epic Social Media Fails

Social media fails. We have seen them littered throughout the Internet — many big brands and organizations suffering, in some cases, serious backlash for their insensitive, shocking and mindless tweets.

Here is how I see it: social media is no longer the new kid on the block. It is time to take responsibility for inappropriate online behavior. It is time to think twice about tying promotions to public events, tragedies, and other fodder that should be off limits.

Here are some rather memorable social media mistakes of the year. Please feel free to add any key social media blunders.

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  • The Gap 1 of 8

    Using a situation such as a hurricane to shamelessly self-promote — this ranks high on the clueless scale for me. 

  • Celeb Boutique 2 of 8

    Sending promotional tweets in light of a tragedy is by far the worst way to take benefit from a trending topic. 

  • Chrysler 3 of 8

    A case of tweeting from the wrong account gone terribly wrong. 

  • Kenneth Cole 4 of 8

    Epic display of insensitivity if I ever saw it. 

  • Kitchen Aid 5 of 8

    Hmm...another case of 'oops, I used the wrong account'.

  • NRA 6 of 8

    Pro-Gun Tweet after the Aurora shooting was in poor taste and super insensitive.

  • Kmart 7 of 8

    Using promotional hashtags while attempting to address a tragedy loses the business all of their credibility. 

  • Entemanns 8 of 8

    Piggy-backing on trending hashtags only creates a recipe for disaster. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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