8 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to OS X Mavericks

This past week, Apple released their new operating system OS X Mavericks. I know some people (like my husband), like to wait and make sure that all the bugs are worked out before upgrading. Me? I’m too impatient. I did wait a few days but that’s just because I upgraded to a solid state drive and filled 248 gigs of 250 gigs mostly with pictures. I did some clean up and upgraded, and I love it!

If you are on the fence about whether to upgrade or not, here are 8 reasons why you should upgrade to Mavericks.

  • Why You Should Upgrade to Mavericks 1 of 9

    Are you trying to decide if you should upgrade to OS X Mavericks? Here are 8 reasons you should upgrade your Mac!

  • Mavericks is Free 2 of 9

    Mavericks is FREE! The previous Apple OS upgrade wasn't too pricey ($29.99) but FREE? You can't beat free!!

  • Calendar 3 of 9

    Keep your calendar in check with the new calendar feature. The new Apple calendar shows holidays and Facebook events which I thought was pretty neat! Now if it would just auto send happy birthday wishes to my friends, that would be great!

  • iBooks 4 of 9

    I was so frustrated that the iBooks I had purchased, I couldn't read on my Mac. It didn't make sense, I could read them on the iPad and my iPhone, but not my Mac? It didn't make sense - now it does! You can download and read books from the iBook Store.

  • Tags 5 of 9

    You can now organize your files with tags no matter where they are located (iCloud or Mac.) You can click on a tag in the Finder sidebar to see all the files with tags. This is going to be super helpful if I will just learn to tag my photos!

  • iCloud Keychain 6 of 9

    Passwords, credit card numbers, wi-fi passwords - keep them all up to date with the iCloud Keychain accessible across your Apple devices.

  • Maps 7 of 9

    As someone who works frequently out of her car, I love the idea of having a GPS on my Macbook. Thankfully Apple has been working on resolving their Apple Maps issue!

  • New Safari 8 of 9

    While I am a Chrome kind-of gal, the new Safari is slick! The home screen and tabs open up a landing page that displays your reading lists and bookmarks. I do love that with iCloud, my bookmarks across all my devices are saved. 

  • Upgrading to Maverick is Easy! 9 of 9

    If you are ready to take the plunge, it's super easy. Here are the Mavericks requirements, see if your Mac can be upgraded. My 2-year-old Mac had no problems.  

    When you are ready to upgrade, simply visit the app store on your Mac.  Click on updates and you will see a prompt at the top stating that you can upgrade to Mavericks for FREE. Click to install. The entire process from start to finish took me 35 minutes (we do have FIOS which gives us super power download speed). 

Something you will need to do if you run apps requiring Java, is install Java for OS X.  I found this out when CrashPlan wouldn’t run!

I hear some users have experienced Mavericks crashing, but for me – so far so good!

Have you upgraded to Mavericks? Thoughts?

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