9 Signs You Are A Technology Addicted Parent

Let’s face it, technology is everywhere and has massively improved our lives as individuals and as families.

But are the devices that we have become dependent upon over the years taking over our every day lives?

Have you thought about being at the mercy of technology as a sign of addiction?

Check out some of the signs and see if there are any you can relate to?

  • 9 Reasons You Are A Tech Addicted Parent 1 of 10
  • Morning routine 2 of 10

    Once the alarm goes off you immediately grab your phone and begin to check your email and social networks before getting out of bed.

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  • No shame in your game 3 of 10

    You have no qualms about texting, sharing, or tweeting while on the throne.

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  • Communication 4 of 10

    You text more than you talk.

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  • Total devastation 5 of 10

    This is the worst thing to ever happen. 

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  • Pre-requisite 6 of 10

    You refuse to go anywhere or stay anywhere if there is no wi-fi.

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  • Always connected 7 of 10

    You tell your kids and/or spouse you'll only be 10 more minutes, and an hour and a half later you're still on your {insert device here} 

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  • Priorities 8 of 10

    You make it a point to always carry a charger with you.
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  • Perks 9 of 10

    You download a remote control app for your {insert cable company here} and use that instead of using the actual remote, just because you can.

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  • Numbers 10 of 10

    You have more devices than people in your house.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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