9 Tech Products To Make Your Commute More Enjoyable

Let’s face it, commuting to and from work is a chore. But it’s a commitment that, frankly, many of us are stuck with. Now, we can argue who has the worse commute — straphangers or car commuters? You will hear some incredible arguments that will influence your judgment.

And I, for one, am sympathetic to both parties. But in my opinion — the straphanger has the toughest commute. Why? Well you have your very late trains, hot train stations, grumpy passengers, and overcrowded train cars. And any of these common experiences can make the commute for even the most patient subway rider, unbearable.

So how do I and many others survive this daily expedition?

Well, we have nine ways that will make your commute just a little bit more normal.

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  • Stay charged 2 of 10

    About the size of a glue stick, Magicstick is a sleek, stylish power supply that will keep your smartphone charged when you need it. Because we have all, at one point or another, been in a situation where we needed our phones more than ever and they have either had very little juice or were completely dead. 



  • Track your steps 3 of 10

    If you spend the better part of your commute walking, then this device might be right for you. The Fitbit Flex is a simple device that tracks your steps, sleep, and calories. The Fitbit is light and comfy to wear, offers Bluetooth syncing, and a platform to analyze your stats.  

  • Capture moments 4 of 10

    Want to capture great images of those awkward/funny/inappropriate moments like a pro with everyone in your social network? The Samsung Galaxy camera brings sharing to a whole new level by allowing you to share directly to your favorite social networks — and with other devices. (We know, an iPhone will do the same, but sometimes you want just really clear, beautiful photos.)

  • Keep it all together 5 of 10

    Looking to keep all of your devices in one place? Then the ScotteVest may be for you. Created as a means to cut down on excess baggage, ScotteVest products include vests, hoodies, pullovers, jackets, and pants, that all contain dedicated compartments to manage all of your electronic devices. 

  • Music to your ears 6 of 10

    Cut the noise and listen to music the way it is supposed to be heard. Logitech UE900 headphones provide clear sound quality while cancelling out the excess noise. 


  • Accessorize 7 of 10

    Working on your tablet's keyboard can be uncomfortable and unproductive. With Logitech Folio's protective cases you can work comfortably, in style, without worries of damaging your device (now available for the Samsung Galaxy tablet). 

  • Lite travel 8 of 10

    Are you a Windows user and are looking to lighten the load of your current laptop? Well consider the sleek The Book 9 Lite. Smaller and much lighter than a book, this device will keep you connected and will take you where you need to go.

  • Keeping it in the cloud 9 of 10

    What is there not to love about the new Samsung Chromebook?  It's lightweight, inexpensive, and provides automatic updates, built-in security, and absolutely no hassles.


  • Staying mobile 10 of 10

    Want to have your Windows 8 platform right at your fingertips? The ATIV Tab 3 is packed with design and portability.  Equipped with Microsoft Office 2013, this tablet arms you with the tools to be productive and in sync at all times. 

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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