8 Ways Your Phone Can Help You Unplug for Crafty, Good Old-Fashioned Fun

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Remember the days of good old-fashioned fun? When the things we loved involved fresh air, crafting, and having fun with friends?

Then and now, card-stock patterns printed on your home printer can become a way to teach hand stitching, that stash of toilet paper tubes can be recycled into any number of eco-friendly crafts, a stack of paper bags provides hours of fun when creating an entire cast for a puppet show — and who doesn’t love Shrinky Dinks!

Parents who are without crafty ideas or the essentials to create fun, old-fashioned projects at home don’t need to go any farther than Pinterest for ideas and access to a wealth of free printables that can be printed quickly and easily from your home mobile printer. Seize upon a spur of the moment idea sparked by your child’s interest when you’re out and about by searching Pinterest for the perfect craft. Send the materials to your home printer so they’ll be ready when you walk in the door then take a step back in time and spend part of your day unplugging to enjoy the things that you loved as a kid with your own children while teaching them some different skills in the process!

Check out some of my favorite Pinterest board for finding awesome printables, easy tutorials, and crafty inspiration!

  • Enjoy Some Good Old Fashioned Crafty Fun 1 of 9
    8 Crafty Reasons to Unplug for Good Old Fashioned Fun

    Take a step back in time and unplug to enjoy some of the good old fashioned fun you loved as a kid with your own children.

  • Beginning Sewing 2 of 9
    Teaching Kids to Sew

    Sarah Serbinski's Teaching Kids to Sew board is full of great first projects to help teach your kids to sew by hand or on the machine. Start by printing the darling printable cards designed to teach hand-eye coordination and hand stitching on your home printer and then progress to super cute, yet achievable projects even for early elementary ages. I love the combination of easy machine sewing and hand sewing tasks that allow kids of all ages to be successful.

  • Toilet Paper Tube Crafts 3 of 9
    Toilet Paper Tubes

    A toilet or paper towel roll has endless possibilities! Robin Sampson's Kid Crafts: Toilet Paper Tubes board features over 90 pins with ideas for reusing your tubes. I love how she uses them to paint and to create new games like a miniature ring toss. She also connects them to make a standing marble run, decorates them with fabric and yarn to create characters, and even has seasonal ideas ranging from rockets for Fourth of July, a Nativity set, Hanukkah favors, and even Halloween costume! Your kids will be watching the rolls of toilet paper dwindle down in your home, ready to snatch up the empty tubes for their next eco-friendly creation!

  • Paper Bag Puppets 4 of 9
    Paper Bag Puppets

    There's nothing like putting on a puppet show with a collection of handmade paper bag puppets! There are lots of Pinterest boards filled with paper bag creations but I happen to like Karen Marshall's board that shows the creative uses of different kids of patterned paper to create a bear paper bag puppet and the helpful printable templates if you're in need of a birthday party craft or assisting a child who needs a little creative assistance in getting started. Paper bag puppets are fantastic ways to get your kids interested in oral story telling since they get the creative juices going. So arm yourself with a package of paper bags and let your imagination go wild! 

  • Fruit and Veggie Stamps 5 of 9
    Vegetable and Fruit Paint Stamps

    Remember the days of cutting a fruit or vegetable in half and using it as a stamper with tempera paints? Not only is it a great art project but this fun craft is a fabulous science lesson that shows kids how beautiful fruits and vegetables are when they're sliced a different way. I love how Tara Zurn's Vegetable and Fruit Paint Stamps board features pins that show how halves of okra make flowers or a bunch of celery creates a rose when cut.

  • Shrinky Dinks 6 of 9
    Shrinky Dinks

    Ah, the magic of Shrinky Dinks! Color, bake, and drawings magically shrink into even more vivid creations! These blasts from the past teach fine motor control while letting kids realize that perfectionism is overrated. After all, it's ok to not completely color every blank space because when your piece of plastic goes in the oven, it shrinks so no one will ever know you missed that line. Krafy Kathy's Shrinky Dinks boards features craft sets, DIY hacks for making your own Shrinky Dinks out of #6 plastic like page protectors, how-tos for kids and grownups alike, and provides plenty of project inspiration.

  • Weaving Projects 7 of 9
    Weaving Looms

    Whether you use yarn, paper, fabric, or mixed media, weaving teaches math skills like patterning and tessellation as well as patience. On her Weaving for Kids and Adults board, Trisha Todd features all kinds of projects for all ages including a recycled milk carton craft, examples of paper patchwork, ideas for using objects like paper plates, straws, or old cardboard boxes to create looms, and more advanced techniques like creating woven paper baskets and fiber baskets. Our kids are also fans of the square looms that are designed for holding loops of fabric that can be fashioned into a bazillion different potholders of endless colors and patterns, macramé paracord bracelets, and finger weaving.

  • Kitchen Science 8 of 9
    Kitchen Science

    From exploding bags with baking soda and vinegar, creating a sound volcano, exploring liquids, making rain in a jar, and blowing ice bubbles during a cold winter's day, there's a lot of science that can be cooked up in the kitchen for some good old fashioned fun that provides plenty of learning in small doses. Kelly Murphy Thompson has compiled 26 great activities to do around the house to promote science learning with kids using common ingredients often found in your pantry. After all, doesn't everyone need to do some science with gummy bears, make rock candy, or cook up some play dough all in the name of learning and fun?

  • Pipe Cleaner Crafts 9 of 9
    Pipe Cleaners

    A bag of pipe cleaners provides endless opportunities for creative thinking about ways to twist and turn these colorful craft supplies into other objects. The fuzzy stems provide tactile pleasure while bending the wires in the middle requires fine motor control to fashion your pipe cleaner into exactly what you want. Grab a handful of different colors to make legs of rainbow jellyfish, immerse them in a liquid solution of borax to grow crystals, make jewelry with or without beads, form letters and numbers, and any of the other things that can be found on the Pipe Cleaner Crafts for Kids board compiled by Artful Dodgers.

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