9 Tech Inspired Jack-o’-lanterns

I feel that no matter how old I get, I never seem to grow too old to enjoy Halloween. It’s the one day of the year where I stuff my face with candy corn, watch my favorite horror flicks, and attempt to carve a semi-decent pumpkin.

So being in the spirit, I scoured the Internet looking to show off some of the most creative, tech-inspired pumpkin masterpieces out there. I bring you 9 tech-inspired pumpkins for every geek to enjoy.

  • R2D2 1 of 9

    Star Wars never looked cooler than on this pumpkin. Intricately carved to perfection, this design would make anyone say WHOA!

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  • Deathstar 2 of 9

    Who would've thought a super-weapon could look so cool. 

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  • Bill Gates 3 of 9

    Stalker or obsession? Whatever it is, someone must really, really love Windows to spend hours carving out Bill Gates' face on a pumpkin. 

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  • Steve Jobs 4 of 9

    One of the most admired and disliked men in tech continues to make an impression on people.

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  • Tetris 5 of 9

    What person who grew up in the '80s was not obsessed with this game? It was our version of Candy Crush. This design brought me back to my elementary school days of trying to beat my friends' highest scores. 

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  • Star Trek vs. Star Wars 6 of 9

    An epic battle captured. Need I say more.

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  • Yoda 7 of 9

    He/She who spends hours immortalizing a 900-year-old Jedi Master is deserving of a Zen Master award. 

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  • Mozilla Firefox 8 of 9

    Ingenious! Love the creativity that goes behind choosing to carve a web browser into a pumpkin. 

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  • The Walking Dead 9 of 9

    Zombie enthusiasts show their love for the dead infected walkers with this amazing portrayal of the Zombie Apocalypse.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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