A Solar Powered Macbook? Yes Please!

A Solar Powered Macbook-YES PLEASE.While we all know the Apple product rumor mill can go into overdrive sometimes, it’s still fun to imagine what’s coming next. Of course it also helps when Apple is awarded a patent which naturally is public information that hints at something juicy being planned. Here’s what the latest patent states in its abstract (emphasis, mine):

“Electronic devices may have housings. A housing may contain a display on its front face and a rear plate such as a plate formed from glass on its rear face. A peripheral housing member may surround the display and rear plate. An antenna may be formed in the peripheral housing member. The rear plate may be formed from laminated layers including a light guide layer. Device hinges may include hinge structures that are integral to the peripheral housing member. A logo may be formed by coating the rear plate with a patterned masking layer. Display structures for the display and the rear plate may be mounted to opposing sides of a shelf portion of the peripheral housing member. The rear plate may be formed from electrochromic glass and may cover photovoltaic cells and touch sensors. Driver boards may be mounted within a clutch barrel perpendicular to the display.”

In case you don’t know, “photovoltaic cells” are solar cells which means it’s entirely possible that Apple is thinking about creating a solar powered Macbook. Which would be amazing!

But what stood out to me is the part about “touch sensors”, because I’ve been saying for a good while now that I really believe Apple has let Windows win the touchscreen wars, even though Apple pioneered the touch screens we use now, with their first iPhone. When I use my Windows laptop (currently playing with a Lenovo Yoga laptop), I find myself quickly falling in love with the touch screen interface and it actually increases my productivity, as well.

I sincerely hope this patent leads to a product! What about you? Would you be as thrilled as I would with a solar powered touch-screen Macbook?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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