7 Apps That Promote Volunteerism

It’s a New Year, and with that often comes new commitments to improve ourselves and make promises to make a difference in the lives of others and volunteer.

In a time where we seem to be busier than ever, we often become self-consumed in our day-to-day activities and find it difficult to make the time to help others. But making the time to help others provides tons of benefits for you, your family, and those you are helping.

Helping others can open you up to learning more about yourself while acquiring new skills and making new friends, among other great benefits.

So if you are looking to help yourself by helping others, here is a list of apps that can get you started.

These apps are available to help you find the best fit for you to either donate your time, money, or other resources.

  • 7 Apps That Promote Volunteerism 1 of 8

    Get into the spirit of giving back with these apps.

  • VolunteerMatch 2 of 8

    Search for the perfect opportunity to make a difference. VolunteerMatch includes over 96,321 participating nonprofit organizations. 

    Get VolunteerMatch at the iTunes store

    Price: FREE

  • Team Red Cross by American Red Cross 3 of 8

    Join Team Red Cross to help provide care and comfort to your local community when the unthinkable occurs.

    Get the Team Red Cross app at the iTunes store FREE

    Get the app at the Google Play store

    Price: FREE

  • Reward Volunteers 4 of 8

    Volunteering for rewards via Facebook.  This is what the Reward Volunteers app is about.  Here is how it works: the app allows volunteers to log in their time by sharing and getting others to join the cause.   Users take photos, post to Facebook, and the more hours logged, shared and liked on, the more points they accrue.

    Volunteers get Reach points both for themselves and the organizations they serve, and have chances win great prizes such as cash/donations and vacations.

    Get Reward Volunteers at the iTunes store

    Price: FREE


  • ASPCA Action 5 of 8

    Are you an animal lover? If so, the ASPCA Action app is right up your alley. This app will keep you up-to-date on all of the ASPCA's programs and events.  The app also provides pet care and behavior advice from experts, success stories from members, and highlights of their work fighting animal cruelty across the country. 

    Get the ASPCA app at the iTunes store

    Price: FREE

  • iVolunteer 6 of 8

    iVolunteer allows you to create volunteer events, provide details, include the number of volunteers required, and mark it on a map. You can also look for events that have been created by other iVolunteer users in the area. 

    Get the iVolunteer app at the Google Play store

    Price: FREE

  • VolunteerSpot 7 of 8

    VolunteerSpot is the leading online signup/scheduling tool making it easy to get involved.  This ad-free app lets you view all your activities in one place. 

    Get the VolunteerSpot app at the iTunes store

    The app is also available at the Google Play store

    Price: $1.99

  • Pay it Forward 8 of 8

    Help make the world a better place with the Pay it Forward app.  It was created to remind us that helping other via small simple acts can go a long way, and can make a difference in any community. 

    Get the Pay it Forward app at the iTunes store

    Price: $0.99

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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