Are You Quitting Facebook for the Right Reasons?

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How many times a day do you or your friends say, “That’s it, I’ve had it! I’m quitting Facebook!” “I hate their privacy settings.” or “Big Brother has too much on me, I have to stop sharing.”

Choosing these reasons for cutting the ‘virtual plug’ on this platform are among many highlighted in this article from the Health and Family section of the Times. It also seems more people are citing those reasons for quitting than some of the overall basic ones such as being bothered by the abundance of ads or vile and ignorant comments of others or simply Facebook not doing anything for them anymore

For me, Facebook serves its purpose. It is what it is. Their policy changes drive me insane, but hasn’t driven me to the point of wanting to completely dump them.  I am connected to friends, have reconnected to old ones and take part in the communities I am a member of. I do not spend hours on end searching, stalking, lurking, playing games, etc. It is simply not how I use Facebook.

I am probably in the minority here because for others; Facebook is used as a lifeline to civilization. For some, it is the first thing that gets checked in the morning and consumes their entire day becoming a complete obsession.

Facebook, like every other social platform, has its fair share of issues and for me, these would be my reasons why I would personally consider dumping Facebook.

I realize most of my Facebook friends really aren’t actually my friends. Having four to five hundred friends on Facebook does not make you more popular than someone have only has fifty. Think about it, out of the hundreds of people you are connected to, how many do you actually associate and interact with?

When I realize I am spending more time on Facebook than living my life. My Facebook routine is rather monotonous. I check it, I update, I read, I log off. I do not need to check it every two minutes to see who is doing what or what is happening. And if I were to become obsessive with the site, that would be a huge indicator that Facebook and I would need to part ways.

If I decide to simply keep things simple.  I mean I have kids to raise, a marriage to be a part of and a life to live. Why would I give up my time to sit down and check on how other people are living their lives?

What reason would you need to quit Facebook?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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