Bitstrips: The Comic That Ate Facebook

bitstips the comic that ate facebook.jpgRecognize that little cartoon style over there? Chances are your Facebook stream has been inundated with these cartoons lately, and in fact, some of your friends may have designed a version of you already (I’m looking at you, Christina).

Welcome to Bitstrips. (It’s very likely if you click on that link you will get an error message. They are apparently bucking under the strain of so many comic makers).

It’s pretty cute, actually. You can design your own avatar (I tweeked the one Christina designed for me, but it was pretty good), and as a fat woman I very much like that fact that they actually have my body size as a choice (most “cartoon yourself” programs do not, so they never actually looked like me). They offer a slew of comic to chose from, and you can customize the text so you can be snarky or funny or whatever. I’m looking forward to a lot of cursing in mine.

Bitstrips is a startup from Toronto, and was originally meant to be a series of comics about bullying. Then they launched the Facebook app, then the phone apps, and boom: everyone and their mother is now making Bitstips of their own.

Unfortunately, since the update of the apps, the servers at Bitstrips have been overwhelmed. Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll be fixed soon, and you’ll be able to make yours shortly. Have fun, folks!



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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