Blogalicious Celebrates 5th Anniversary: This Year’s Most Memorable Quotes

Over the weekend, Blogalicious celebrated its 5th anniversary by going back to Atlanta, the city where the conference started in 2009. Atlanta is the go-to destination for influential, multicultural, female social media enthusiasts from all over the world to collaborate, connect, and uplift one another. Approximately 400 influencers gathered at the Hyatt Atlanta to connect to others in their community, invest in their professional development, and learn about topics that revolved around the conference’s “Create, Build, Fund” theme.

Conference co-founder, Stacey Ferguson (aka Justice Fergie) said, “The energy at BlogaliciousFIVE was through the roof! I couldn’t have imagined a better way to commemorate five years of celebrating the unique diversity and niches of our social media community.  Our program was chock-full of elements that I truly hope helped each and every attendee to find new ways to create, build or fund their digital brands.”

Sponsors included Kia, who engaged bloggers through test drives of the Cadenza, Forte, and Sorento during two days of the conference, and held Saturday night’s closing party that prominently featured the cars in the hotel ballroom. Repeat sponsor McDonald’s, well known for past Blogalicious parties such as the pool party at last year’s Las Vegas conference, didn’t disappoint with an ’80s-themed dance party on Friday night with a photo booth and rap-off. Wells Fargo focused on small business by sponsoring a Perfect Pitch Contest. Similar to Shark Tank, three small business finalists got 5 minutes to pitch the panel for the chance to win $5000 plus business coaching. Comcast Xfinity’s held a Scandal viewing party for the community to screen the first episode of the season together, and many other sponsors engaged attendees to educate them about their company and products through sponsor suites and the expo hall.

Blogalicious has built a loyal community of attendees who come back year after year. As part of the fifth birthday celebration, Blogalicious rewarded conference loyalists who have been with them through the beginning. Called the “One Percenters,” these attendees received VIP perks including a Thursday morning brand-blogger breakfast with hand massages and manicures to kick-off the conference, and special backstage mingles with guests like Ebony Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Amy Dubois-Barnett, members of the All-Star Blogger panel, PicMonkey team of Karen Cooper and Jen Shetterly, Hamilton Brown, the Senior Marketing Director of Taco Bell, and Elisa Camahort-Page of BlogHer.

With so many conferences to choose from, why choose Blogalicious? As a “One Percenter” who has attended each Blogalicious since the beginning, I love the camaraderie from the community and being able to witness the professional growth among attendees from year to year.

But don’t take my word for why Blogalicious is a must-attend blogging and social media conference! Here are some of the things that this year’s attendees enjoyed most.

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    Photo in upper right courtesy of Jessica McFadden, A Parent in America & A Parent in Silver Spring

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: Amy DuBois-Barnett 2 of 13

    "For me it was when Amy DuBois Barnett [Editor in Chief of Ebony Magazine] said, 'When we try to do everything, we accomplish nothing,'" remembered Donnie Nicole Smith of Analog Girl in a Digital World. Another attendee said DuBois-Barnett "slayed" her when she said, "No one can crawl into your skin and live your life for you. No one is coming to save you. You own your own life."  


    Photo courtesy of Stacey Ferguson, Blogalicious Weekend Conference

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Essential business tools, mentoring and career opportunities" 3 of 13

    The Blogalicious Weekend gives you essential business tools, mentoring, and career opportunities women online will find nowhere else. All three years I have attended I have left the conference a better communicator and global citizen. Blogalicious helps you achieve your ambitions not only for your personal goals, but for the diverse and truly representative digital and mainstream media for which we are striving." — Jessica McFadden, A Parent in America & A Parent in Silver Spring with Amy Mascott ( left and Sandie Angulo Chen ( and center.


    Photo courtesy of Jessica McFadden

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Family feeling" 4 of 13

    "For the conference itself - the family feeling was amazing. Meeting so many inspiring people and making new friendships. Every session had useful, actionable advice (not all conferences do!). Other highlights - getting to speak with the team at PicMonkey (which I use for all of my pins and blog posts), and Susan from Ahalogy to optimize Pinterest." — Maggie Reyes, Modern Married with Boni Candelario of


    Photo courtesy of Maggie Reyes

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Always be authentic" 5 of 13

    "What I love about Blogalicious is that it doesn't matter what you write about, when the conference starts we are a big supportive family. My takeaway was to always be authentic to your values and all your goals can be met." —Yoly Mason, and


    Photo courtesy of Yoly Mason

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "True desire to share information" 6 of 13

    "I was most moved by the true desire to share information and love with other wo(men) who blog. There was no selfishness, no ego, and all encouragement! It reinvigorates me when I get to be in this warm bath of power women! —Sharelle,


    Photo courtesy of Sharelle

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Having access to ‘superstars’ in the blogging world AND being embraced by them" 7 of 13

    "Being a new blogger and not only having access to 'superstars' in the blogging world, but being embraced by them. Elisa [Camahort-Page] came up to me and said hello. I don't think that would have been able to happen too many other places. Stacey was always gracious and welcomed the whole family in!" —Kendra Pierson, Headband for Today


    Photo courtesy of Kendra Pierson

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: All Star Blogger Panel 8 of 13

    "My favorite session was the All-Star Blogger keynote panel. I have often wanted to "pick the brain" of these accomplished, money-making bloggers and this session let me do just that.  But even more importantly, I learned they are really not that much different than I. Their openness was so appreciated!" —Maria Smith,


    Image courtesy of Jessica McFadden, A Parent in America & A Parent in Silver Spring

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Make more connections" 9 of 13

    "This year I was able to make more connections with attendees, connect with brands, as well as utilize my services as a Blogalicious Press Pool Member (#Bloga5Press on Twitter) and Networking event host." — Erica from Swarthy Daisy 


    Photo courtesy of Swarthy Daisy

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: VIP Workshop Master Your Elevator Pitch 10 of 13

    "My favorite Blogalicious5 session was the VIP Workshop: Master Your Elevator Pitch with Harriette Cole. Everyone had the opportunity to practice their brand's elevator pitch and receive feedback. We also learned how our mannerisms and word choices directly reflect how we feel about our brands. We also learned the importance of clarifying our visions and brand's mission. My favorite part of the conference was meeting bloggers in my area of health and fitness; networking with other bloggers and meeting brand representatives." — Robyn Donaldson, Robyn's Healthy Living with Aliah Davis McHenry @TheGetFitDiva


    Photo courtesy of Robyn Donaldson 

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Be passionate" 11 of 13

    1. NetworkTruly connect with people.  Relationships are the most important component of life.

    2. Maximize Social MediaStay connected with your audience.  Use an app that connects all of your social media such as Hootsuite.

    3. Be PassionateIf you're not passionate about what you're doing, no one else will be. Enough said.

    4. Time ManagementYour time is your most important asset...use it wisely.  If you can afford to have someone perform a task to free up some of your time, it's worth the investment.

    5. Don't Give UpAnything worth having is worth working for.  If you continue to work at it, it will work out.

    —Tia Lou, If I Were a Brit Girl


    Photo courtesy of Tia Lou

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Interesting conversation" 12 of 13

    "I attend a lot of conferences, but I've never attended one where I felt so immediately welcomed and a part of the family. I went out of my way to sit down at tables with people I didn't know more often than not, and always ended up in an interesting conversation with new people. That's a huge value to me." —Amy Vernon,


    Photo courtesy of Amy Vernon

  • Blogalicious5 Conference Recap: "Empower more women" 13 of 13

    "Elisa Camahort Page's session was much needed and will empower more women to start their own enterprise." — Thien Kim Lam, I'm Not the Nanny


    Photo courtesy of Amy Mascott,

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