Coolest Concept Phone EVER: Build Your Perfect Phone Yourself

I’ll admit it: the announcement about the new iPhone created a Pavlovian response in this Apple product lover (yes, I’m bi-platform, but you know how it is). I only upgraded to the iPhone 5 ten months ago, and it still works perfectly, so upgrading is silly.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to.

My tendency to want to have the shiniest and newest gadget is why I got so excited when I spotted the concept phone idea called PhoneBloks (site not working today, I assume due to traffic, but here is the thunderclap page). Phonebloks hopes to offer phone components that you can stack together, creating your ideal phone, using a very Lego-like system and two screws. Want a bigger camera? Done. Want more battery life and less memory? Done. Want a bigger speaker? Done.


You can check out a video of the concept, or view the slide show below. Let’s hope this concept becomes a reality!

  • check it out! 1 of 8
    An awesome new concept phone aims to make it easy for you to build your ideal phone.
  • Well, it’s a bit ugly… 2 of 8

    Okay, it's not going to win any prizes for design, but it's not... horrible. But hold on for what's super cool.

  • Diagram of Components 3 of 8

    Each little block has a really specific job. The coolest thing about Phonebloks is this: if you don't need as much storage, you can get a bigger battery. Or bigger speakers, or a better camera.

  • Phonebloks Separates Components Easily 4 of 8

    As you can see, it really IS just like stacking legos. Each block is an element of what makes the phone work.

  • Blok-Store 5 of 8

    The goal with Phonebloks is to have a store where you can easily buy your new components, such as upgrading the speed.

  • Fully HD 6 of 8

    Because, well, obviously.

  • Swap Out What You Need 7 of 8

    So, you're going to be traveling? Rearrange your phone so you have a bigger battery. See how cool that would be? I know I don't use up my phone's charge when I'm home, but when I'm traveling I am constantly trying to recharge.

  • Pretty Impressive, right? 8 of 8

    The folks behind Phonebloks are hoping to create a social media "thunderclap" that will then, I assume, launch their crowdfunding project. Not a bad plan, eh?

    I don't know if I'll be a Phonebloks user, but I love the concept. What about you?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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