Choose Your Own Adventure Book Series Relaunches On Kickstarter

Creators of Classic Choose Your Own Adventures stories have launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop interactive stories for iPad.

Choose Your Own Adventure Your Very Own Robot Original Artwork via Babble.comI may be showing my age, but way back in elementary school, we were instructed to read books where you could literally decide how the story played out by flipping through certain sections of the book, based on the decisions you make for the main character. I remember “cheating” and glancing at each option to see how long I could make the book drag out.

I’m assuming I’m wasn’t the only kid who did this because to date, there are over 256 million copies in over 38 languages of the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stores printed worldwide. To bring the interactive style of story-telling to the digital age, the creators want to develop a new kind of “Choose Your Own Adventure” series for iPad.

Choose ‘Toons will be the first animated title, based on the classic “Your Very Own Robot” story where “you” the reader and your talking dog builds a robot named Gus. True to the classic CYOA style of role-playing, your decisions at integral parts in the story will dictate how the story unfolds. Choose ‘Toons has 20 different branches to choose from, resulting in eleven different endings, which should give it some replay value among its targeted demographic of younger, school-age children.

Choose Your Own Adventure Robot Gus Coming To Life via Choose Your Own Adventure Choose 'Toons Story Line Options via

To pull this off, the CYOA author R.A. Montgomery, and Chooseco, the 2007 republishers behind the stories, have decided to go the new-age route with its fundraising as well, and has taken to Kickstarter to raise $130,000 to develop the iPad cartoon app. “When we started using tablets for our own entertainment,” Chooseco Publisher Shannon Gilligan explains, “we realized that the immediacy of the touch screen and intimacy of using a tablet allows for an experience closest to reading aChoose Your Own Adventure book. Roleplaying – as any adult gamer knows – is powerful. At the heart of this project is the hope that we will nurture children’s imaginations by truly allowing them to become the character. These animations areperfect for kids looking for a totally absorbing adventure.”

Backers, based on the amount of their pledge, can receive rewards ranging from being a beta-tester, to being an actual character in the story, or lending your voice to the story (gotta spend some serious dough to do a voice-over). $130k is definitely not impossible, given the success of many notable Kickstarter campaigns, but to sweeten the pot, if Choose ‘Toons surpasses its goal, it will develop an Android version as well.

I may be a little biased, but the chance to share the “Choose Your Own Adventure” stories I grew up reading with my kids, but on a digital medium they are already more than familiar with is worth visiting the Choose ‘Toons Kickstarter page.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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