Clean Up Your Inbox in 2014 With Unroll.Me

Clean Up Your Inbox in 2014 With UnrollMe via

I’ll be honest, my inbox gets so full that sometimes I avoid going in there at all. On the flip side, I feel the only way I don’t miss anything important is if I dish out my email address. I’m not sure if that’s a “catch-22” or ironic, or some other word or phrase I’ve probably used incorrectly this year. What I do know is that my inbox can’t wait until spring to get cleaned out.

I know what’s causing the problem — All those newsletters and subscriptions that I signed up for over the years. Recently, I’ve tried to go in and “unsubscribe” to individual emails as soon as they hit my inbox. But I’ve subscribed to so many, that I quickly give up and let them continue to roll in and jam up my inbox even more.

Unroll.Me via Babble.comSome tech buddies tipped me to a free service called Unroll.Me and as the name suggests, the service makes it super simple to unsubscribe from newsletters, and other email alerts and notifications en masse. The way it works is you sign in with the email address you want to scrub. After giving it permission to access your inbox, scans your inbox for all the subscriptions linked to your email address. The service then lists all your subscriptions by the name of service and actual email address the newsletter it originates from. It then gives you the option “Unsubscribe” to jettison them from hitting you inbox in the future, or “Add to rollup” if you want to continue to receive notifications, but in a nicely organized daily digest to further cut down on the amount of email alerts pinging all of your devices.

From this point, it’s very tempting to go unsubscribe crazy. The trade-off for being a free service, is that you can only initially unsubscribe from 5 subscriptions before you’re asked to share Unroll.Me with others via email, Facebook, or Twitter. After you’ve shared the good news, you can then continue to drop-kick those unwanted subscriptions from hitting your inbox ever again. Another cool feature about Unroll.Me is that it can be viewed from multiple devices and screen sizes without downloading an app. So the next time you have time to kill, at the doctor’s office, car repair shop, or in DMV line, you can step up your productivity and cancel some subscriptions on your smartphone or tablet.

The best part about using Unroll.Me is that it truly is one-click unsubscribe. You don’t have to “enter/verify your email address” or zoom in 1,000% just to find the unsubscribe link at the very bottom of the email. So if “digital organization” is on your list of New Year’s resolutions, check out Unroll.Me and get started on cleaning up your email inbox.

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