CluckCluck App Eases Communication Between Parents and Sitters

CluckCluck_LogoMoms are always trying to find tools that will help them balance their busy lives, and one of those frustrating elements that can be hard to manage is communicating with, paying, and scheduling caregivers. This is the problem the CluckCluck App hopes to solve.

If you’ve ever tried to book a sitter for a Saturday night event, you know how incredibly frustrating it can be. While we usually only work with family and friends for sitters, we do have a couple of neighborhood teenagers we use occasionally. Trying to schedule them is a nightmare; it becomes a rush of texts, calls, and frustration as we try to schedule a sitter for two hours on a weekend night.

This is where CluckCluck comes in. Created by two smart technology attorneys – Heather Joyce and Erin Matzkin, both moms, naturally – CluckCluck offers a simple and organized method of booking sitters. Using the app, you can easily invite multiple sitters to the same event at once, and then book the sitter you prefer (yes, the sitter needs to have the app as well). If the app only offered this, it would already be pretty amazing, but it actually goes further.

You can establish profiles for each of your children on the app, and then let the babysitter know if there is homework to be done or other chores. Once your child has completed the task, the babysitter can let you know right away via the app. And rather than a handwritten or printed paper on the fridge, the sitter has access to all of your emergency contact info within the app. They can make a call with a single click.

But best of all? You can pay the sitter using the app as well via PayPal. Pretty sweet, right? The CluckCluck app is currently available only for iOS and is priced at $2.99. There is a “gifting” option as well, so you can gift the app to your favorite babysitters. While the app isn’t yet perfect, it sure can be helpful for busy parents.


Article Posted 5 years Ago
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