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Founder Molly Hayward

Every once in a while you are graced with amazing luck and meet someone that with a heart that just shines. I had that opportunity last night when I met Molly Hayward, the founder of an organization called Cora.

While the internet has been blowing up with the “First Moon Party” commercial from Hello Flo, it’s easy to think that getting your period as a young girl is a simple thing, and even a matter of status – and maybe it is, when you live in the United States. But not when you live in places where the price of your period protection products is out of your reach.

As Molly shares in the video below, she was shocked to discover that impoverished young women around the world are forced to stay home from school or work when they have their menstrual cycle – all because they can’t afford to buy pads or tampons.

Think about that for a moment. If you’re a poor young girl you already have a million hurdles blocking your success; add in a week a month where you are forced to stay home from school or work can limit your opportunities even further.

So Molly set out to do something about it. But as she underwent research to try to tackle this problem, she discovered something many of us already know: many of the feminine hygiene products available today are full of chemicals and substances that have no business being anywhere near our most delicate and sensitive body parts.

So she came up with a business model that offers something completely unique: Cora sends you a delivery of your chosen organic period products you can order online – including tea and chocolate. This is impressive on it’s own, but the real joy is this: with each month’s order, Cora will also send a months worth of safe and organic sanitary pads to women in India – where only 12 percent of women have the financial means to buy such products.

Pretty great, isn’t it?

I was deeply impressed by Molly when I met her, and I hope you will check out the video below. Cora is also in the process of crowdfunding on Plum Alley (yep, Plum Alley has branched out into crowdfunding!) and are working toward their modest $28,000 goal. Let’s get them on their way, shall we?


Article Posted 4 years Ago

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