Dear It’s Parenting – Content Scraping is Stealing!

Scraping ContentUpdate 9/3/13 – 10:28pm: It’s is now blank, gone, disappeared, bye-bye. Good job bloggers!

It’s Parenting and Content Scraping

In case you are reading this and have no idea what I am talking about, let’s review. appears to be a website for parenting, offering helpful tips and information to parents, real life stories, and what not. But their content isn’t original — it’s stolen. It appears their business model is to scrape content from numerous bloggers, rather than hiring writers to write original content. So the It’s Parenting site is really just a stash of stolen goods they are posing as their own content.

It’s Parenting hit a high note today in the blogging world when their site auto-published a post from The Young Mommy that was titled: “ is Stealing Bloggers’ Content Without Permission.” That’s right, a blog post calling out their crap was auto-posted to their site. Oh, it gets better. Their auto-pilot system then tweeted out a link to the article! Hilarious! (And sad, yes…) While content scraping is nothing new, this doesn’t make it right, and I’m happy to see the social media space take note of It’s Parenting’s illicit behavior and call them out.

They just removed it from their site, but I grabbed several screen shots from all of the crazy. Check out why you don’t content scrape, or put your website on autopilot, and why you shouldn’t mess with bloggers:

  • Homepage 1 of 6

    This is just about the only time content scraping is funny. Here is a screenshot of before they removed the post. Featured is a stolen article from The Young Mommy Life about how It's Parenting is stealing her content.

    Screen shot from: (this is how you give credit in a blog post)

  • Facebook Backlash 2 of 6

    Yes, you should also be watching your Facebook page, It's Parenting!

    Image source: Screenshot from It's Parenting Facebook Page

  • The Young Mommy Life 3 of 6
  • Scraped Post 4 of 6

    This is the post It's Parenting scraped. They have since deleted this post. *sigh*


  • Tweet 5 of 6

    And as fate would have it, the ultimate LOL was when It's Parenting TWEETED a link to their site featuring stolen content about how they scrape content. This tweet has miraculously disappeared as well.

  • And Facebook! 6 of 6

    Yes, and this was also posted to the Its Parenting Facebook page at approximately 3 pm CST. This may just do a vanishing act like the other content.

    image source: Facebook

Here are just a few of the bloggers who have come forward for having content swiped and reposted on Go give these bloggers some love:


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