E-Reader Market Heats Up: MatchBook and New Nook

e-reader marketBoy, can you tell we’re getting close to the holidays already? If you couldn’t tell from the decorations at your local drugstore, you’ve probably noticed thanks the massive numbers of new products beginning to hit the market hoping to grab a bit of that Black Friday lunacy for themselves.

One of the areas where the market is heating up is e-readers. If we still call them e-readers. Because they are also tablets. Sort of. Right?

I have an old-school Kindle that’s about three years old (no bells and whistles, no lights), a Kindle Fire HD (the version just before the current one) and an iPad mini (what?). I have to confess, though: my daughter and I both use the Kindle only for reading; it’s the iPad for everything else.

But the Kindle Fire is heavy for reading in bed, so my ear perked when I heard about the new Nook from Barnes and Noble; it is about the size of a cup of coffee (with saucer), and weighs just over six ounces. Pretty amazing, right?

But of course, the vast majority of my books are on the Amazon platform, and only work on Kindle. Now, I’m not a reader of weighty tomes by any means; I primarily enjoy the kind of fiction that gets made into movies for tweens (I know). So I’m not a big re-reader, so I don’t know if it would be much of a loss to switch to the Nook.

But then Amazon is stepping up too with the new Kindle MatchBook program. If you (like me) bought a bunch of books from Amazon as hard copies in the past, you can now get the digital versions of those same books for a pretty low price from absolutely free to only $2.99. Plus as I already discussed back in early October, Amazon has already released an updated Kindle Fire HDX, which is also significantly lighter than the model I have.

But, still, nothing comes close to the easy functionality of my iPad mini. Maybe I’ll just stick with that. What about you? Are you inspired to go e-reader shopping?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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