Facebook Adds Collaborative Photo Albums

Facebook has added collaborative photo albums!Have you ever wanted to see all of the photos from a party or event and find yourself trying to remember everyone who was at the party so you can go hunting through their Facebook albums? What, just me?

Collaborative photo albums seem like a given for Facebook; after all, it’s where most folks post photos for the benefit of friends and family. While tagging is a nice way to share photos with each other, it will be much more fun to return home from an event say, a wedding or a baby shower and have everyone share photos in one spot that makes it easy for everyone to enjoy.

Here’s the general info about the new collaborative album feature, currently rolling out to those of us in the US.

Right now, albums will only allow 200 photos per person, although that might change, along with the availability of the feature in mobile (apparently users can only contribute to one album via mobile). Album creators can curate the photos, deleting any they don’t like. Privacy features can be set to public, collaborators only, or friends of collaborators. Contributors will only be able to change or alter their own photos, not those uploaded by other collaborators.

So why did it take Facebook so long to develop this feature? It might be the availability of off-Facebook third party apps that offered the same features. In fact, an article in Venture Beat discusses how the new offering from Facebook is effectively killing off 100 startups.

“Now, this is massively convenient and tons of fun for the billion-plus users of Facebook, from grandmas who want to collect photos from their 75th birthday parties to kids who want to build albums of their most recent soccer victories. It’s not so fun for entrepreneurs. Apps and services like Cluster, Albumatic, Keepsy, Swirl, Flock, Kicksend, Kaptur, and dozens of others are destined for the dustbin of Internet history.”

How do you imagine you’ll use the new photo albums? I’m ready to set one up right now just for my closest friends so we can post photos of our cats. Because obviously the internet needs more cats.


via Mashable and Venture Beat

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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