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Fanhattan app content discovery

The Fan web and iOS app attempts to solve all your cord cutter woes by offering a one-stop shop to find your favorite content, as well as curate new content you may want to check out.

I’m a channel surfer, so while the thought of getting rid of my cable/satellite provider sounds very promising, the lack of a simple solution of finding the content I want to watch that’s currently spread out all over the web is what’s currently keeping me tied to my giant DVR that I pay a monthly fee to lease from my TV provider. That and lack of live sports available on the web.

If you, on the other hand, have decided to be a cord cutter and cancel your cable/satellite subscription to only rely on the web for your television entertainment needs, then you probably have some exhaustive mix of Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, Roku, Vudu, Crackle boxes or services connected to your TV…Not to mention all the seperate apps that enable you to only watch content from certain Television networks.

Scouring all these sources for the one show or movie you want to watch can be a pain. Enter Fan, a free online site and mobile app for iOS devices, that does a good job of telling you exactly where to find the content you’re looking for.

Similar to Hulu, after signing up for Fan, you’re presented with content that’s either hand-picked by Fan staff, or what’s popular among users. Categories include “What To Watch” “Featured Lists” Featured Movies/Shows” “Trending Shows” and other sections. I must say that the interface for both the web and iOS devices is beautiful and is a great way to “channel surf” to discover new content.

Fanhattan app search results

If you want to skip all that and find exactly what you’re looking for, a simple title, actor, or phrase search will pull up more information on that content, as well as identify what services it’s located on. Fan searches all the popular services or apps to display exactly how you can view the content.

You can choose to “Watch Now” and Fan will do its best to send you directly to the site or app where you can view the content. You can also add content to your “Watch List” to view the content for late.

Of course, Fan works best only if you’ve signed up for or downloaded the appropriate web services. But there’s a good chance that Fan can find content for whatever weird, entangled, web entertainment setup you have until there is “one [web-enabled set-top box] to rule them all.

Oh yeah, Fanhattan is working on that too.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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