Fitbit Force Recall: What You Need to Know

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I’ve been wanting a Fitbit ever since the Ultra was released in 2011. Admittedly, however, I never bought one because I wasn’t particularly interested in focusing on fitness in 2011; I was struggling with diet and life in general and taking an active role in my health was beyond me.

Luckily, I’ve gotten back on track and am working hard at being healthy and exercising. This has made my craving for a Fitbit even stronger, and of course the latest version of the Fitbit that was released this fall the Fitbit Force has been widely heralded as the “smartest fitness tracker yet.” At $129, it seemed to be a really great investment in your physical (and also mental) well-being.

Unfortunately, about 1.7% of customers that bought the Fitness Force began reporting a rash in reaction to wearing the tracker. The source has yet to be determined, although many suspect the tiny bit of nickel in the clasp is to blame (nickel allergy is extremely common and the most frequent cause of contact dermatitis ask many folks that bought really cheap jewelry in their youth, and they’ll tell you about the disgusting rash that jewelry causes).

Happily, Fitbit got in front of the problem and issued a voluntary recall offering folks a full refund for their Fitbit Force, and they’ve taken the tracker off the market until they find a fix for the problem. If you own a Fitbit Force and are worried about the problem, you can find out how to get a refund here.

Personally, I’m breathing a sigh of relief that I hadn’t yet purchased a Fitbit Force. I have weirdly sensitive skin I can’t even wear my wedding ring full time without getting a bad rash and I’m sure I’d be signing up for a refund now. Instead, I think I’ll be taking a nice long look at the Fitbit Flex it’s currently only $99 on Amazon and looks like it has most of what I need anyway (according to this chart I’m mostly just missing the time display?). I’m still a believer in the Fitbit products, and most of the folks I know that use a tracker says it’s the best and frankly, I’m impressed with how Fitbit has handled this issue.

Once again, if you need to return your Fitbit Force, you can do so here.

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