Free Wacky Christmas Apps

With Christmas right around the corner, why not have some fun and showcase some of the wacky holiday apps that will make you go what the?!

These apps are plain odd and crazy, and I can guarantee you, you’ve never seen Santa or his crew depicted this way.

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  • A Stickman Santa Stampede Christmas Reindeer Run Free Games for the Holidays! 2 of 8

    Stickman Santa is here! Santa seems to be in caught in the middle of a reindeer stampede and has to use his reflexes to not get run over by the reindeer or sizzled by the electrified fences.

  • AngrySanta Free – The Angry Santa Claus Simulator 3 of 8

    Want to see what makes Santa break? With the Angry Santa app, you can poke him and prod him until he gets so utterly annoyed at you that you end up on the naughty list. 

  • A Christmas Slots Machine: Fun Casino Play with Santa, Elves, Reindeer and Big Presents! PRO! 4 of 8

    A Christmas Slots Machine allows for hours of realistic Vegas style playing with Santa and his friends.


  • Santa Splitz – Best Christmas App 5 of 8

    What is Santa Splitz all about? It lets you navigate through 80 challenging levels using nothing but your wits, whatever comes your way.

  • OvenBreak Infinity 6 of 8

    The concept of OvenBreak is rather simple.  The Gingerbread man is running for his life and you get to help him through challenging obstacles.

  • Gingerbread Stickman Shooting Showdown Bow and Arrow Free Christmas Games 7 of 8

    Gingerbread Stickman Shooting Showdown is similar to the Santa Stickman app on this list, in which the premise is to shoot the gingerbread cookie off of stickman's head without hitting the stickman.

  • Rescue Santa 8 of 8

    So what is Rescue Santa all about? Well, picture Christmas being taken hostage by a deranged demon who turned himself into a reindeer, stole all the presents and kidnapped Santa.  The goal is to kill the crazy reindeer. 

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