Google+ Adds “Views” Element To Profiles

googleplusviewsWell, this is interesting. If you’ve logged into Google+ today and checked your profile, you might have seen that Google+ has added a nifty little feature showing how many views your profile and content has received┬ásince October of 2012.

This is particularly interesting in light of their recent changes that better highlight images and link posts as well. Posts with links now include a large thumbnail photo as well as bigger titles all of which increases the likelihood of clickthroughs.

Now, it would be pretty awesome if individual status updates on Google+ also included the number of views on each post I’d love to have more information about how individual posts do when it comes to views; this would help us all know the best times to post for views (while of course we can see the results of clicks via our Google Analytics, but if you don’t have access to the back end of all the places you post this would be great info to have).

When you add in the way that Facebook keeps messing with its algorithm and not sharing our posts with our friends and fans, Google+ is looking more and more attractive as a place to do promotion and marketing. Add in the incredible SEO benefits of Google+, and the fact that apparently Google+ offers better engagement than Facebook, well, it’s really time to get busy on that platform, isn’t it?



Article Posted 3 years Ago

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