Google Glass, Now With Style

googleglassstyleWhen I got to test out a pair of Google Glass briefly last summer, I was really startled by how incredibly dorky and awkward they looked compared to the sleek photos Google shared to promote Glass. They were really heavy and pinched my nose weirdly, and I generally didn’t like the way they looked or fit even though I really loved the functionality.

Well, Google was clearly listening to pretty much everyone, because now they have released new, far more stylish versions of Google Glass that will also be available for those of us that wear prescription lenses (I was wearing my contacts when I got to try them out).

Called the Titanium Collection, Google is offering 4 styles: Split, Thin, Bold, and my favorite, Curve. Sadly, the new frames don’t eliminate the heavy ear piece on one side or the chunky bit that shares the video input but I’ll bet my bottom dollar that Google is working full scale to downsize and sleek up both of those elements, and by the time Google Glass actually is available for sale, it will look pretty awesome.

Mat Honan, at Wired, talks about the accessibility of this new feature in a recent article, and how Google is working with eye care professionals:

“Another interesting component of the new system? The way Glass actually fits onto the new frames. You just bolt them onto the side — or rather, you have your eye care professional do it for you. Google is currently training technicians to handle Glass through a partnership with eye insurance company VSP. That means that although today you can only use a Google-made frame, eventually it will work with frames from anyone. Hypothetically, that could mean dozens of companies producing frames by the time Glass launches for consumers later in 2014. It also means Google can continue to focus on making the Glass hardware, and let others come up with the frames to fit them.”

Pretty cool. Not sure I’ll be buying myself a pair anytime soon, but I love the geekery. Check out the new versions of Glass in the video below!

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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