Google+ Tips From Guy Kawasaki: “Do Share” and “Replies and more” Chrome Plugins

Google+ tips for mastering content submission from Guy Kawasaki.So, I’m gonna go ahead and be an obnoxious name dropper here: during BlogHer I had a couple of opportunities to hang out and chat with Guy Kawasaki a bit. Of course, if you’re a normal person, you have no idea who he is. But if you’re a tech or social media person, you can go ahead and be jealous. Heh.

He was very kind to everyone he met, and interestingly enough several people asked him questions about Google+, and he had some interesting recommendations. I made note and thought I’d share ’em here.

First of all, these are both Chrome plugins that help you schedule updates and manage replies. This means you have to use Chrome as your browser, and these are only minor fixes there is nothing that can be done about the major issue most folks have with G+: the lack of an open API that lets us use a tool like Hootsuite to post there. But here are Guy Kawasaki’s Google+ tips!

That said, these are still pretty cool.

First up is the plugin Do Share. This handy little plugin allows you to write, plan, and schedule your shares on Google+, which is pretty cool. (Here is where I issue my standard warning: be sure to know how to turn off scheduled posting in a time of tragedy.) Definitely handy.

Secondly, he suggested Replies and More. I love this one; it adds a “reply to author” button to Google+ that makes it much easier to respond to posts. Very handy, and I could see this one really upping engagement.

Do you have a great Google+ tip? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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