Got Writer’s Block? There Are Apps For That

Writer’s block is a common occurrence that can be really hard to overcome. Sometimes you get stuck on where to take your writing, or in my case, just getting started on a piece. Losing that inspiration is never a good thing, but thanks to technology and the amazing tools it provides, getting stuck doesn’t have to be a pain anymore.

If you need help getting back on your creative feet, take a look at these seven apps to help boost your creativity and get you back in writing form in no time.

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  • Prompts 2 of 8

    Prompts is the answer to your creative problems.  This simple, minimalist writing app provides more than 1,000 starting lines for your new piece.  

    Price: $2.99
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  • Writer’s Block Buster 3 of 8

    Writer's Block Buster gives you the ability to break free from writer's block by allowing you to search through a valut-like database of questions and explanations for different things that lead to 'curing' your writer's block.

    Price: $3.99

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  • Evernote 4 of 8

    If your writer's block is directly connected to what I like to call 'scatter brain syndrome', then Evernote is the app for you.  It helps organize your thoughts, words, content structure, and allows you to never forget those brilliant ideas late at night.

    Price: FREE

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  • Dragon Dictation 5 of 8

    Dragon Dictation is a super intuitive voice recognition app that allows you to record your thoughts as they come to you. 

    Price: FREE

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  • Merriam Webster Dictionary 6 of 8

    You just can't go wrong with having a dictionary nearby. The Merriam Webster Dictionary app is a necessary tool in any writer's arsenal. The free version provides the complete dictionary with limited access to the thesaurus.

    The paid version ($3.99) offers all the synonyms and antonyms from Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, voice search, and allows you to look up a word without having to spell it.

    Price: FREE and $3.99
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  • The Brainstormer 7 of 8

    The Brainstormer gets your creative juices flowing. This tactile tool combine a plot, a subject, and a setting - providing a moment of inspiration for creative minds. 

    Price: $1.99
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  • Poetreat 8 of 8

    Poetreat is a simple tool great for scribes looking to improve their content. The stylish interface provides users with the structure needed to create a literary work of art.

    Price: FREE

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