Inappropriate Uses of Social Media

Social media is an amazing tool that, over the years, has allowed us to be more connected and be able to reach further into the world to connect with others.

Unfortunately, social media has also become an ‘anything goes’ kind of place where pictures and videos are posted causing jaw drops, eye rolls, and face palm reactions, due to inappropriate behavior and/or comments made from some in cyberspace.

Take a look at just some of what I consider absolute social media deal-breakers.

  • Breaking up 1 of 7

    Breaking up is hard to do and it should not be done via social media. Give your partner the respect (no matter how upset or heartbroken you might be) to tell them without informing everyone under the sun.

    photo credit: SOCIALisBETTER/flickr

  • Instagraming during a funeral 2 of 7

    Have respect. Not all moments need to be captured and made to look pretty using filters. 

    photo credit:  johannekekroesbergen/flickr

  • Driving while taking a selfie 3 of 7

    I have seen updates of people driving and updating, or driving and taking a selfie. Really? So not necessary. Pay attention to the road!

    photo credit:

  • Capturing an accident 4 of 7

    There is nothing more horrid than taking pictures or video of an accident scene and not bothering to call for help. 

    photo credit: Dr. Mo/flickr

  • Live tweeting 5 of 7

    At a funeral. Nuff' said.

    photo credit: emmeAgu/flickr

  • Not telling someone you’re sharing something about them 6 of 7

    Taking pictures or sharing information of people you know and distributing it across your networks without their knowledge. Not everyone is into social media and in my opinion, people's privacy should be respected. 

    photo credit: MirthZone/flickr

  • Disrespect and ridicule others 7 of 7

    Insulting or making fun of others online is just plain juvenile and unnecessary. Be nice!

    photo credit: DJ Bass/flickr


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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