Instagram Direct – A Private Conversation To Share Your Instagram Photos And Videos

Instagram announces its new private messaging feature that lets users send photos and videos as private messages.

With the popularity of photo and video-sharing apps like Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat, there is no doubt that people love to share photos and videos. I mean, “selfie” is an official word now. According to Instagram, over 150 million people are using Instagram to capture and share public photos and videos with all of their followers and the world.

I’m sure there are other users who if they have a photo or video they want to share with only a small group of people, hop out of Instagram and open up another message service and start a conversation there.

Enter Instagram Direct – Instagram’s version of private messaging, but centered around photos and videos. Simply put, Instagram users can choose to share their photos and videos to their “Followers,” or select “Direct” to share with individuals up to 15 people.

Recipients will get an indication via inbox notification in the upper-right corner in their home feed, or via push notification on their device. Senders will also get a notification indicating when a user has seen, liked, and commented on messages in real-time right in the conversation.

Instagram has built in some safeguards to limit the amount of “spam” messages from hitting your inbox. All the photos and videos you receive from people you follow will appear immediately in your inbox. Photos and videos from anybody you don’t follow will be put in the “Requests” queue that gives you the option to approve or deny content.

Personally, there are several people that I follow who have decided to keep their Instagram accounts  “private” I’m assuming in order to restrict who sees their photos. Maybe the Instagram Direct feature will make them feel more comfortable about going “public” now that there is an option to send photos and videos privately to select people?

Instagram Direct will be rolling out for use today for iOS and Android users.

What do you think — Will Instagram Direct keep people within the service when they want to share photos or videos with select people, or will people continue to use other apps for private media sharing?

Source | Instagram Blog

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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