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iPhone Sales Break Records, Gold Is The Standard via

Despite murmurs of Apple getting “stale” and only introducing minor iPhone upgrades, opening weekend iPhone 5S and 5C numbers eclipsed all previous iPhone sales with the gold iPhone 5S selling out everywhere within hours.

By The Numbers

Apple is a marketing machine and its ability to create demand for a product is 2nd to none. So nobody is shocked that opening weekend iPhone sales of the new 5S and 5C did well. For me, the question was can Apple deliver the same, if not better numbers than the iPhone 5?

The reason why I pose that question is because I have the iPhone 5 and I echo the sentiments of many other Apple fans who are looking for something brand-spanking new from Apple, not just internal hardware upgrades or software updates.

Don’t get me wrong, the ability to the have the best possible camera in a smartphone is ideal for many who routinely leave their “point and shoot” cameras at home. It’s also incredible to see that Apple is still innovating by being the first to introduce new concepts like a 64-bit processor and a thumb print scanner on a smartphone… A bunch of pretty new colors don’t hurt, either.

But the question still remained – Will that be enough for Apple to keep fans lining up in droves to own its new devices — when they look and feel similar to previous devices? Most assumed that Apple would at the very least match the iPhone sales numbers of last year’s iPhone 5 launch. What’s surprising is that sales of the 5S and devices seperately beat iPhone 5 numbers and combined for a total of 9 million devices sold in the first weekend!

So the answer is yes – Apple did it again!

Last year, the iPhone 5 sold over 5 million devices in its first weekend, beating iPhone 4S sales by approximately 1 million. This year, iPhone sales for the 5S topped 7 million. Let me remind you, the iPhone 5 and the 5S are similar, with the exception of a better camera, better processor, the addition of a thumb print scanner for security and app purchasing, and a champagne-gold color (more on that later).

iPhone sales of the colorful 5C (which replaces the iPhone 5) sold the remaining 2 million units, bringing the total to 9 million.

The Golden Ticket

I did not risk the lines to get a new iPhone 5S or 5C because I still want Apple to release a new design with a larger screen. Hopefully, that will be the iPhone 6. Even though I skipped the fanfare, I did keep my ear to the ground of what was going on. Most of the people I knew who where going to upgrade wanted the gold iPhone 5S. It seems as if color, over the beefier processor and a thumb print scanner, was the selling point for Apple.

According to the people I know who waited for a new iPhone over the weekend, the gold iPhone 5S was the first device to sell out, within hours of stores opening their doors. By that afternoon, the Apple Store online quickly pushed back availability of the gold iPhone 5S to sometime in October. A little bummed, most people decided to opt for the “space gray” version.

The hype that Apple can produce around its products is something that every company would love to emulate. Even though Apple hasn’t been able to introduce a brand-new device that makes the world pay attention, like the original iPod, iPhone, or iPad, the recent opening weekend iPhone sales numbers prove that the company still has the “juice” to get people to dig in their wallets and purses, whether they need a new device or not.

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