Is Email A Waste Of Time? A Study Says YES

Is email a huge waste of time?An analysis conducted by the University of Glasgow and Modeuro Consulting of the executive leadership at the London firm International Power found that leadership at the top was creating more email than was necessary for business to function successfully (published in the Harvard Business Review). In fact, the executive leadership was surprised to find that they created nearly 60 emails a day themselves — while blaming staff for the excess emails.

So the company decided to adopt a new “lean” policy, started with the leadership at the top. After some training, they decreased the amount of email they were sending by more than 50% — and therefore decreased the amount of email sent by support staff by a whopping 64%.

Now is the part where I say, does ANYONE find this surprising?

I know personally I’ve become averse to talking on the phone in the age of email, but the truth is probably half of my emails could be solved by a simple and immediate conversation rather than a series of emails. Really makes me want to reconsider my no phone calls policy. Hmmmm…


via Fast Company

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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