JoeyBra Startup Expands To Carry Gadget-Friendly Sports Bras

JoeyBra Sports Bras for active women via Babble.comI like to think I can write about anything event remotely related to technology, but smartphone-holding drawls?

I was originally going to pass on this story, but after I read about how Kyle Bartlow and Mariah Gentry survived a successful Kickstarter project, a drawn-out patent case, and cancer-emitting smartphone concerns, just to see their JoeyBra line of smartphone-friendly undergarments expand to sports bras, I had to show them some love.

The smartphone (and ID, and keys, and money) friendly JoeyBra the duo created while in college over a year ago quickly gained traction as one of those “why didn’t I think of that” ideas that essentially gives women a place to store their smaller personal items when they leave the house purse-less.

After quick success, and a solid setback from a “patent troll” who came up with a similar idea almost a decade ago, the couple has finally caught its stride and has launched a new line of stylish and “ample” sports bras that can store a small smartphone or iPod.

JoeyBra sports bras solves the “Where do I put my ID, keys and other small gadgets and valuables when I exercise?” problem that I know at the very least, my wife has. I’m sure many women face this issue as well, and have come up with some unique ways to life-hack a solution. JoeyBra could be their more feasible and fashionable savior as it has two water-resistant, zipper-sealed pockets on each side that are large enough to fit an iPod, keys, and ID while out running.

Now ladies can hit up their favorite smoothie spot after a run without wearing a fanny pack, or digging a couple of crumpled up dollars or a sweaty credit card out of their…wherever.

JoeyBra Sport ranges in sizes XS to XXL and can be ordered on the JoeyBra website for $39.99.

Would a smartphone-friendly sports bra solve your “secret stash” issue when you workout?

Source: GeekWire

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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