Learn How to Upload Your Pics to Instagram From Your Computer

While Instagram is a fabulous mobile app – it’s just that. It limits what you can upload to whatever image or graphic is on your phone.  Sure, you can create graphics with a few programs on your phone – or you could just transfer an image to your phone and upload – but all of that just seems like a pain if you are sitting in front of your computer and just want to upload something to Instagram.

How to Upload Your Pics to Instagram From Your Computer

Now there’s an answer to that! Meet Gramblr. Gramblr is software, available on both PC and Mac that let’s you upload your image or graphic straight to Instagram.

A few things to know about Gramblr:

  • It’s a super SIMPLE program with 1 purpose, getting your images on Instagram.
  • You do not have the editing/filter options that Instagram offers.
  • Images need to be 650×650.

Gramblr is great if you edit a photo on your computer and want it “as-is” on Instagram. I used it today to upload a quote graphic that I made. For graphics like this, Gramblr is absolutely perfect.

There you have it! A simple solution to getting your images onto Instagram from your computer.

Download Gramblr at Gramblr.com

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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