Learn with Homer: Best Free Learning App for Kids Ages 3-6

LearnwithHomerLogoThe Learn with Homer app has launched and is set to change early learning experience for children ages 3 to 6 as we know it.

Learn with Homer is more than just an app. For parents, it is an innovative concept that combines custom content and illustration with personalized learning to, successfully teach young children.

This all-in-one app revolutionizes the learn-to-read concept by including a complete phonics program, a collection of spectacularly illustrated stories, art, science field trips, and recording tools that children will absolutely love.

With mobile devices at the helm of our children’s educational needs, Stephanie Dua, founder, renowned education reformer and mom of three young girls wanted to set children up for academic success by creating an app that challenges them to think creatively.  Based on teaching practices aligned with the new Common Core standards, this app provides a superior, handcrafted experience for young children.

The app, free to download provides 30 free lessons, the ability to add up to three children to one account and free storage for up to 500 recording and drawings per child.

Along with the app, the Learn with Homer website is a great parenting resource guide with hundreds of recommendations, DIY craft projects and printables, all while tracking your child’s progress.

I love the app’s stunning design, focus on getting kids to think comprehensively and the emphasis on art. My four and a half year old couldn’t get enough of the interactive learning and mimicking the sounds the animated child made.

Below you will see for yourself, the unique, fun and engaging aspects of this app.

image source: Learn with Homer

  • Starlight, Starbright 1 of 13

    An example of Learn with Homer's beautiful illustration: a screen from Star Light Star Bright poem.

  • Learn with Homer iPad map 2 of 13

    Learn with Homer has rich content divided into four main areas: learn to Read; Discover the World; Story Time; and Homer's Clubhouse

  • Poetry 3 of 13

    The Clouds

  • Folksong 4 of 13

    "Jenny Jenkins," 

  • Love our library 5 of 13

    Story Time Menu, Learn with Homer. The app has a vast library for children to enjoy. It includes stories, rhymes, poems, and folktales - as well as nonfiction items.

  • Learn to read 6 of 13

    Phoneme Fruit Tree Game, Learn with Homer. The app is highly interactive and each lesson has several games created by literacy expert Peggy Kaye.

  • Storytime 7 of 13

    The Peacock, an Aesop fable, is a great example of Learn with Homer's beautiful illustration.

    Discover the World: Peacocks. Learn with Homer links learning to read with learning about the world. Children practice "p", read the Fable of the Peacock, and learn about peacocks and related items in Discover the World.

  • Learn to read excercises 8 of 13
    pin map

    Learn to Read exercise with Nip and Nap, the adorable kitten twins.

  • Discover the world 9 of 13

    Discover the World: Sight and Sound.

  • Folktale 10 of 13
    fisherman's wife

    The Fisherman's Wife. Learn with Homer features gorgeous original illustration throughout.

  • Homer’s Clubhouse 11 of 13
    homer's clubhouse

    Homer's Clubhouse - Main Menu. Children master their learning with drawing and recording tools. Voice prompts encourage comprehension and reflection. 

  • Learn to read menu 12 of 13
    learn to read menu

    Lessons are grouped in phoneme (sound) pairs. Our comprehensive program covers the five pillars of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

  • Sound recognition 13 of 13
    sound recognition

    Millie Monkey is a bouncy, optimistic, and resilient friend. Here she helps children in a sound recognition game

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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