Live-Long Tech: 6 Gadgets That Can Help You Live Longer!

I was checking my morning tech news feed and I came across a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to create and sell a watch that can show you (via countdown) how long you have to live, down to the last second. Don’t ask me how it works, but the creators think a life-expectancy monitor on your arm may just motivate you to stop procrastinating and cross those items off your bucket list before time runs out… literally.

On the other hand, an actual death watch may be too “glass is half empty” for some to handle, and they would much rather view life as still full of promise and potential, instead of feeling pressured to get things done.

Whichever camp you find yourself in one thing is for sure, with technology you can start making changes now that could quite possibly extend your life beyond the assumption of some fancy watch algorithm. Here are my 6 gadget picks that may just add some time back to your life.

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    6 gadgets that could possibly extend your life expectancy. Yes bacon qualifies (stay with me)
  • Wireless Activity Monitor 2 of 7
    Life extending gadgets - Fitbit Force via

    In order to live better to live longer, you need to track and monitor your current lifestyle. Wearable activity monitors like the new Fitbit Force let you track and record your steps taken, floors climbed, distance you've traveled, calories you've burned, and a host of other life activities that can be synced with your smartphone to display a history of your activity. The idea is that you will analyze the information to live a more active lifestyle.

  • Travel Humidifier 3 of 7
    Life extending gadgets - Air-o-swiss travel humidifier via

    The better you breathe, the longer you will live is the claim to fame for humidifiers that remove toxins and other bad additives from the air you breathe. If you thought you could only breathe better with some clunky bedside-contraption taking up nightstand space and making all kinds of noises in the night, think again. Humidifiers like the Air-O-Swiss Travel 7146 Travel Ultrasonic Humidifier lets you take your clean air to the job or on vacation, and is as easy to use as filling up a water bottle and plugging the unit into a wall outlet.

  • Portable Water Filter 4 of 7
    Life extending gadgets - Katadyn Portable Water Filter via

    Drinking more water is essential to a longer life... only if you could actually find clean water on a regular basis. If you have a portable water filter like the Katadyn MyBottle, you can get "high quality H20" no matter if you're at a water fountain at the office, or hiking next to a stream during a nature excursion.

  • Standing Workstation 5 of 7
    Life extending gadgets - GeekDesk adjustable workstation via

    Most jobs have us sitting behind computers all day, versus the more active occupations that existed in yesteryear. As a result, technology itself is subtracting time from our life expectancy. To combat this, GeekDesk has created adjustable workstations that can be raised so that you're at the very least standing while working, which could foster more movement throughout the day.

  • Workstation Treadmill 6 of 7
    Life extending gadgets - TreadDesk treadmill workstation via

    If you're going to stand while you work to foster more movement, might as well turn it up a notch and move while you work to add even more activity to your 9 to 5 grind, as well as add more time to your life. TreadDesk makes small treadmills that fit under standing workstations so you can actually lose weight while you work.

  • Bacon 7 of 7
    Life extending gadgets - canned bacon via

    While not a gadget per se, what if I told you eating bacon could extend your life? I bet you're listening now. In the event of a major catastrophe/Armageddon/doomsday situation, or a recently popular outcome — the Zombie attack! — Tactical Canned Bacon with a shelf-life of 10 years may be the only thing preventing sheer starvation. I don't care how you feel about animals, when it comes down to self preservation, I bet you pop open this can of bacon and get your grub on if it means you can live to fight the Zombies another day.

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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