Make A Movie Of Your Tweets: Vizify Twitter Movies

Vizify makes you a cool video of your tweets.Ooooh, this is fun. Vizify home of the beautiful visual bio has added a great new feature: Vizify Twitter movies.

Basically, you log into Vizify via Twitter, and the program pulls in a bunch of data to create a cool info-graphic style movie. You can edit the scenes in the movie and arrange them in your preferred order.

Vizify analyzes your most recent 3,200 tweets and finds things like top tweets, your top followers, your most popular photos and Vine videos and more to come up with your tweet movie.

While you can share your Vizify tweet movie with your followers on all your social networks, you cannot yet embed it a feature that would be great on a bio page or even a web page media kit. Here’s hoping they add that feature soon! You can, however, link to it as Vizify creates a web site for your bios and movies.

You can check out my visual bio here, and my twitter movie here (some language from me is NSFW, just to warn ya).

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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