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mmm-logo-iconWhen my daughter was born, my closest friend’s daughter was already 11. While she was incredibly willing to listen to me go on and on about my daughter’s lack of latch, pumping, and coping with sleep deprivation and diapers (thanks, Sarah), she was long past that part of parenting.

The first couple of years of parenting I tried my hand at a lot of community events to get to know other moms: going to story hour at the library, going to a mommy and me class at the YMCA, hanging out at playgrounds. While I met plenty of friendly faces, I wasn’t able to establish any deep connections with other moms but I was lucky enough to have a huge collection of online friends that were at a similar parenting stage. (God bless being a mom blogger.) This kept me from feeling too isolated and alone.

But not every mother is a mom blogger (or wants to be), so how do they connect with other moms with similar parenting struggles? Well, they could test out the new service Mom Meet Mom.

Started by three moms with young kids, Mom Meet Mom offers a sort of “dating service” for moms. The site states, “Our goal is to take the guesswork and stress out of  ‘mom dating’, so you can build an amazing mom support network, no matter what your situation.”

I logged in, and checked it out. I was impressed with many elements of the site, particularly their search features. You can find other married moms, divorced moms, and even “poly” moms. In addition, you can search by special needs, which is amazingly helpful.

One odd element, however, is you can’t search by age of your children. When I searched for other moms in my area, they were nearly all infants and toddlers, so no bigger kids for playground meetups. It might be that the audience for Mom Meet Mom is only geared toward moms of very young kids, but it made me think the site wouldn’t be terribly helpful for a mom like me.

Check it out, though. It might be just the thing for you. Learn more in the video below.


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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