Day 2 at CES: Music Streaming Lights and Pet Fitness Bands!

It’s Molly again, barely awake, with aching feet, and running on 2 hours sleep and several energy drinks. Despite my current state, I am having a great time here at CES!  We have 2 days of CES completed (make sure to read Day 1 at CES recap).

Our CES adventure has been everything but boring. I feel like I have stepped into the future after seeing all of the new tech that will hit the marketplace over the next year.  Guys, this stuff is so fascinating!

Enough of my talking, let’s check out more of the new tech we saw at CES:

  • More New Tech 1 of 19

    Day 2 of CES was full of MORE new tech! Check out more finds from CES 2014. 

  • 3D TV 2 of 19

    We have a 3D television and I was just asking my husband if he thinks the whole 3D thing is a fad. Well, apparently 3D isn't a fad - but wearing 3D glasses is!  This Ultra HD Glasses Free 3D TV by Haier had the most amazing 3D quality, and no glasses were required. 


  • Dance Dance Revolution for all 3 of 19

    Remember Dance Dance Revolution? These are headed to school. That's right, the game can be played with over 40 people!  Everyone gets their own dance pad and can view the score on the screen. Talk about a way to get kids moving!

  • Kid-Friendly Tablets 4 of 19

    While Kurio has had a few tablets for kids on the market, I had never looked into them, since we own a few other tablets. I had the opportunity to get my hands on their latest version while here at CES, and WOW! this thing is neat. So here is the deal, you set up an account for parents and kids, and you can totally restrict the kids to just using the items you select.  Also, you can set time controls so your kid isn't sneaking on his tablet in bed all night (I have a kid who does that!). 


  • A Whole New Electric Toothbrush 5 of 19

    This new kind of toothbrush named Issa by Foreo is set to launch in the second quarter of 2014. It is made of silicon, and has 2 varying speeds for teeth cleaning. The product had a completely different feel from any toothbrush I had used before.

  • Learn to Play Guitar Digitally 6 of 19

    Is there someone in your life that wants to learn to play guitar? My husband has said for years he wants to take lessons but has never done so. This is the gTar by Incident. With this guitar you snap your iPhone in, choose a song and the strings light up - guiding you on how to play.

  • Music Streaming Lights 7 of 19

    The AwoX StriimLight is a 8W (40W incandescent equivalent) light bulb that is also a speaker (10 Watts, 200Hz-20KHz). The device will allow you to stream music wherever there is a light!  StriimLight connects to any Bluetooth device, allowing you to play audio. It will be available in the US later this month for $99.

  • iBitz 8 of 19

    iBitz by GeoPalz is an interesting way to get your kids moving. Tired of your kids sitting around the house, wanting screen time? Make them earn it with movement!  With iBitz, there is a little device you strap to your child's shoe and it tracks movement. Monitor their activity level thru an app and assign rewards based on how much they move. 

  • MiP Robots 9 of 19

    These little robots are named MiP and are the latest product from Wowwee. Available later this year, you can make MiP dance and interact, and they will even carry and balance small objects, such as a soda can (though, I would say make sure it's not open.)

  • Digital Reality Mirror 10 of 19

    This is the C-Mirror - think of it as a virtual dressing room. Try on clothes without changing your clothes. Crazy, I know, but what this is, really, is a large screen with a camera. You choose the clothes you want to try on, and the dress shows on the monitor what it will look like on you via augmented reality.  The C-Mirror is from CLO3D.

  • Scan N Cut Digital Paper Cutter 11 of 19

    The Scan N Cut from Brothers will put your Cricket to shame! This machine will cut paper as thin as tissue paper, and will cut fabric too! This machine would be perfect for scrapbookers or quilters.

  • Artificial Vision Glasses 12 of 19

    Orcam is a device you attach to your prescription glasses, specifically designed to help those with low vision. The device can detect and tell you what certain objects are, or what certain objects say.  The rep explained that the legally blind need to use public transportation since they can't drive, but finding your way to a bus can be difficult. With Orcam, the person would be able to find out what transportation signs say, such as bus numbers or routes.  Facial recognition is the next step for this device, that they hope to launch in the next year. 

  • Retro Video Gaming 13 of 19

    Who doesn't love those childhood video games we use to play in the '80s? With the Super Retro Trio from Retro-Bit, you'll be able to play your old Nintendo, Super Nintendo, and Sega games on the TV. Old school style controllers included.

  • Auto-Directed Vacuum 14 of 19

    It sweeps, it mops, and I want to marry this. This is the RYDIS H68 robotic vacuum. It features a reusable microfiber mop (that you can just toss in the washer when it needs to be cleaned), and the vacuum is equipped with a vision sensor capable of identifying uncleaned areas. There are several brushes ensuring a good sweep, and it carries a water tank with a 150cc reservoir. The RYDIS H58 is manufactured by Moneual and will be out in Quarter 2 of 2014.

  • Robotic Therapy Toys 15 of 19

    Robot therapy is big in other countries, but is making it's way to the US. This is Paro. While it may look like a toy, Paro is actually used to care for memory-care patients through interaction. I saw this and thought, no way. Then I touched it. It's the softest stuffed animal that you just want to pet - and when you do, Paro interacts with you. Paro has been found to reduce patient and caregiver stress, and also stimulates interaction between patient and caregiver.

  • Refrigerators can do WHAT? 16 of 19

    Samsung has an array of new home products, designed by several chefs. This refrigerator caught my attention with the LED panel behind the door showing through. It also features sparkling water, or if you are a soda drinker - you can insert a Sodastream cartridge - allowing you to fill your glass with soda from the front of the refrigerator door. Watch this video to get a demo of the new Samsung Chef Collection.

  • Smart Robotic Balls 17 of 19

    Sphero is a smart ball. Confused? I was too until I got my hands on this thing. This little ball connects to your phone via an app. You can then control this thing as it flies 5 mph across the room, up to 100 feet away from you. Fun, right? Well here's where the REALLY cool stuff happens - Sphero is empowering kids to code simple programs that enable them to move the ball in various ways. Cool huh? A rep was explaining how a 7-year-old had coded a simple game to control the ball. Sphero is helping teachers in creating ways to use the ball and teach kids to program.

  • Tesla High-Tech Electric Cars 18 of 19

    Of the future cars we have seen at CES, the Tesla is a standout. It's gorgeous in design, a premium electric car, and the tech in this car is unbelievable! Unfortunately, at this time it is WAY out of my price range... I guess we all have to have goals!

  • Fitness Bands for Dogs 19 of 19

    Pet tech was another thing I didn't expect to see, but woah this is cool. Voyce is a smart collar for dogs. Think of it like a Fitbit for dogs. With this device, you'll be able to monitor your dog's well-being through viewing his activity level, heart rate, respiratory rate, and more.

Make sure to check back for our CES recap!

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