National Day of Unplugging 2014: 5 Things To Do During National Unplug Day

National Day of Unplugging 2014

This week marks the fifth annual National Day of Unplugging.  Slated to take place beginning at sundown on Friday, March 7th and concluding at sundown on Saturday, March 8th.

If you don’t know what this day is about, it is a day when the hyper-connected take a pledge to spend 24 hours tech-free and enjoy the simpler things in life. Think of it as a digital detox, where you get your nose out of your smartphone and into more tangible things that can provide you with long-term satisfaction.

Some say it’s impossible, but spending some time off the grid can be beneficial to you and those closest to you.

I recently started unplugging and reconnecting with the real world, and it feels great! Not to hear the pings of my smartphone or have to worry about responding to anything or anyone feels freeing. It feels great to be in the moment, and enjoy what’s right in front of me.

So for the Instagrammers and social networkers who find it difficult to hold a conversation without posting some kind of update, it is possible to disconnect from your virtual life and reconnect with the real one.

Here are some reasons why I will be unplugging this weekend:

1. To enjoy a coffee in silence and spend some time alone with my thoughts

It’s hard for me to get alone time from my 5-year-old and 1-year-old. So for the National Day of Unplugging, I plan to wake up early, make myself a large cup of coffee and enjoy it all in silence.

2. To get outside and enjoy the fresh air

My family and I plan on getting out of the apartment to have an adventure (which is pretty easy to come by living in NYC).

3. To read a book

An actual book, not a digital one. I love reading, and need to get back into doing what I love.

4. To create memories

My boys are growing up (my little guy is turning one this week!) and I need to take advantage of these moments in their lives before they’re gone in a blink of an eye.

5. To complete my to-do list

I will finally tackle the things that I’ve been putting off on my to-do list for months now! Getting to feel the relief of accomplishment once I check all my to-dos off the list will be so sweet!

So, are you planning on taking on this 24-hour digital detox? If so, how are you planning on unplugging? What will you be doing instead?

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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